Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What i know...

Today I'm attending the unexpected funeral of my dear father-in-law. He was a very special man and will be very missed. It is at times like these you are forced to think about what is really important. Sharing this post again, felt appropriate. Enjoy! I'll be back on Monday...

     There was a time when everything was simple. I was either right or I was right. Remember that? We believed that what we knew was the way it was. Concrete, black and white, wrong and right. People either fit into my world because they agreed with me or I didn't care to hear their point of view, because it would be a waste of my time. Right?

    I'm sure you have heard the saying, "the older I get the less I know". Well, I am here to tell you that not everyone gets to that point. There are some that never arrive at a point where they are willing to either listen or admit there could be another way. Those are the people I feel sorry for. Those are the ones that fail to see the purpose of creation. 

     The artist knows that a true creation is a living breathing piece of life. Even the master artist continues to adjust his point of view. A writer soon realizes that the beginning of his work is really somewhere in the middle and the end is only a temporary stopping place. 

      So when I look at my life, I see a series of moving pieces always adjusting to new information. Some would say that living your life this way is "wishy-washy" or without commitment. However, I would argue that spending time maintaining stasis when life is all about change is just plain ignorant. Just as the scientist has his hypothesis that is proved or disproved, I am constantly learning new perspectives that naturally change my point of view. I like it that way. I am comfortable with the fact that there is so much that I don't know. I am happy in my quest to learn that never ends and my adventure that is always continued. 

     Do I need to know what happens next? Not really. 

Why? I've learned that you can never know, so instead of forcing the issue, I have learned to adapt and change. 

When I get to a point that I am satisfied, no longer interested in a new point of view... only then will I be old. As long as I'm learning I will be forever young. *starts singing Rod Stewart* 

What new discovery did you make today?

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  1. So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. This is a great post and so true.


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