About Me

Where readers go to find out what makes this blogger tick... I’ll do my best to shed some light on what I know. I’m still in a state of discovery...

Why? Because who I am is always changing. I was once a child and then I was an adult. What I can tell you is where I’ve been, what I’m working on now, and where I hope to go. 

Where I’ve Been:
  • Raised six children. Owned several pets and animals. 
  • Taught piano to children for over twenty years. 
  • Studied communication and received a degree from the University of Washington. 
  • Managing Editor of a Literary Magazine. 
  • Published several articles in various publications. 
  • Taught children of many ages, reading, writing, art, outdoor skills as well as serving as a parent liaison to a local school faculty.
  • Led youth groups of 12-18 year-olds in activities and service. 
  • I’ve been divorced, single and remarried. 
  • Served for a year as board member of a local breast cancer nonprofit raising money for mammograms for low income.
  • I’m part of a blended family, warts and all, but still duking it out. 
  • Participated in leadership and active membership in the Mormon church from birth to 35 years old. 
  • Author of two middle-grade books: IF Dogs Could Blog, It's NOT Just a Dog!
  • Became a Life-Cycle Celebrant.
What I’m Working On:
  • Being a good grandma to 7 grandkids.
  • Understanding and utilizing social media.
  • Staying relevant, intellectually and physically.
  • Writing every day and improving my ability to connect to readers.
  • Researching animal communication, mythology, language, art, authors and writing, media and culture and anything that interests me. 
  • A middle-grade fiction series about a girl who learns to use her special gift to save animals.
  • A humorous look inside a blended family: articles and finally a book.
  • Novel about time and distance and the love that connects two very different people.
  • Maintaining a spiritual practice through meditation and yoga.
  • Pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise and healthy eating. (Increased fruits and vegetables= some chocolate, bacon and pizza?)
  • Membership in SCBWI and PNWA
  • Certification courses for Celebrancy: Funerals and Memorials, Healing and Sustenance Ritual, Ceremonies Across The Life-Cycle, Weddings.
  • Toastmaster Training 
What I Hope To Achieve:
  • Have fun, celebrate life and enjoy the ride. (This includes an extensive bucket list!)
  • Significant influence for good in my family with my associates and the world.
  • Stay true to my heart, my hopes and my dreams.
  • Peace: the calmness that settles the soul when you’re in perfect balance.
  • Leave the world a better place than when I entered.
  • Write words that resonate with my readers and leave a legacy of understanding and hope for others.
  • Support people through important transitions in their lives through personalized ceremony and ritual. 
So there you go. What I’ve done I can’t change, what I’m working on can grow and what I hope to achieve...well, anything's possible. Right?

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