Author Interviews

        I absolutely love getting to know authors and other writers. We speak our own language, one of words and sensibilities that only we understand. As writers, we yearn for others to read our words because of what words have meant to us. Writers see the world differently and are compelled to put that vision into words ont he page. It is during these interviews that I've learned that writers are generous, gracious and love to share their ideas and thoughts. 

There are several ways you can participate:
1.  If you're a writer with published work and would like to participate in an interview please send me an email with a brief bio and what you've published.  
2.  Are there questions that you would like to see answered or an author or writer you'd like to see an interview of send me an email with your suggestions. 

Completed Interviews

Jodi Meadows 

Wendy Wan-Long Shang

Annie Crawford 

Carol Saller

Anne Warren Smith

Jenn Reese

 Marianne Malone

 Cyndi Sand-Eveland

 Jessica Bell

Katheryn Fitzmaurice

Karen Pokras Toz

Donna L. Peterson

Upcoming Interviews

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