Friday, April 15, 2011

M-Words That Mean Something (At least to me)

Mess- Writing can get messy. From the top of my desk to the inside of my brain!
Muck- You have to be willing to trudge around in the  muck to discover the true essence of your story.

Mood- Set the mood with the right lighting and background music when you write. 

Muscle- It takes real strength to continue to believe in your project and not give up.

Milieu- Know the entire world of your main character, the milieu of emotions that motivate her.

More- When you think you've pushed your character enough, push him some more.

Marvel- This is what I do when piece of fiction comes together with all its requisite parts.

Memory- All your characters have them, it's what motivates them, as the writer you need to know them, as the reader not so much.

Move- Hard to remember but moving every 15-20 minutes could save your eyes and neck. 

Mellow- Sometimes a good chill in your favorite chair can loosen the creative juices.  

Magic- This is what happens when a story is born.

Masterpiece- We all hope our WIP will become a finished piece of art.

Motivation- Things that get me going: A brisk walk, chocolate, reading a great book or even just a trip to the bookstore.

Do you have any great M-words I've left out?


  1. Hmm...Magnificent - how you feel after you've completed your first draft!

    Great post!

  2. I agree with Rae on Magnificent...

    And I always find a trip to the bookstore to be motivational.

  3. Good M words. I would add muse. Without mine, I'd get nothing done.

  4. I love your definition of mess... my brain and desk get messy too

  5. Those are terrific M words. I can't add anything to it. Very motivational and true.

  6. You're 50! I'm 50! I hear 50 is the new 25... so why do I feel like the new 75? Congratulations on hitting half a century - hope you're loving it!

  7. I like you take on all the m things that relate to writing. Moving around is also good for your health based on an article I read this week that says people who move around stand less of a chance of a heart attack than those who sit around most of the day.

  8. I always forget to type in the I'm human and so my comment didn't stay but here it is again :) I really like your m words they are very creative. I like the move one. I often forget to move.


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