Friday, October 1, 2010

BOOOOOOK Banning Week: To Ban or Not to Ban

This week is Banned Book Week. I couldn’t let it end and not express my frustration about censorship. Often those that fight to remoooove or ban booooks  have not even read the book they are criticizing. Often they haven't studied our history nor our constitution. Here we are in 2010.  Presumably, we are smarter than we were 100 years ago, 50 years ago, even 10. Yet, it is clear that many still struggle with understanding why America came to be or that the writers of the constitution were preserving our freedom of speech and choice. When I see what lengths people will go to push their beliefs on others I am frightened. *haunting music and creaking doors*
Due to the diligent efforts of those that formed this country we are free to read and write whatever we want?   When is it OK to tell others what they can and can’t read?

When I was raising my children there were things I had to protect them from. Don’t touch the stove. Don’t eat dirt. No playing in the toilet. The list is endless. Never did it occur to me to fight to have toilets removed from all homes or public buildings. I suppose if I had wanted to, I could have removed my toilet and returned to the days of the outhouse. The use of my time and effort to coerce or even expect others to follow my choice is ludicrous. I am glad that none of my children are dirt eaters.  However, I guess if they chose to eat dirt when they became adults, it should be their choice. (There could be nutrients?)

Here is a link to the American Library Association for a list of books that are on the list this year.

What scares you the most about this issue?


  1. I couldn't agree more with what you so beautifully wrote. It's as though there are people out there who want to create another America, where the only choice is their choice. The Old Man and the Sea...banned...oy, oy! Talk about sick! Talk about scary!

  2. Amen! I totally agree. It really scares me what people go through to get their point across but give others the chance to make their own opinion. Right?!
    Well said!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Some of the most beloved books of all time are banned books. Why? They reflect on topics that are so personal. They are passionate. They speak to everyone one way or another. I also have a post on banned books. Feel free to check it out!

  4. Kittie and Christine, One of the things that I think is laughable is the fact that they have right and privilege to campaign to censure particular books only because of the a first amendment. Go figure?

  5. You wrote this so well. I love it. And I completely agree

  6. You said it!

    I'm not so much scared by the banned books thing as I am insulted. I don't need someone holding my hand and telling what I can and can't read!

  7. Way to go girl! I've always abhorred censorship and resented it when someone told me I couldn't or shouldn't read something. If I'd listened to their advice I'd never have read one of my still favorite books: "Grapes of Wrath" because there were too many swear words.

    Those people have too much time on their hands!

  8. You said it. Why should someone who has read a book have the right to tell me I shouldn't read it?
    I am all for putting a warning on books, but banning?


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