Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take A Risk Tuesday: Read Outside Your Comfort Zone

In college I took a film class on Western's and Horror, my two least favorite genres.  When the instructor juxtaposed  Carrie, Psycho and Videodrome  against Shane, Unforgiven and The Ballad of Little Joe, I was well out of my comfort zone. This happened again when I chose a class on popular culture and found myself learning about the origins of Punk and Rap music. Was I converted? Did I find myself dying my hair hot pink and saying, yo yo sista? Do I now thirst for Zombies and John Wayne? 

Rest assured I have retained my own tastes, I'm still me. I am a different me, more open to other points of view and I celebrate the diversity that is our human race. I love that when I look around I don't see homogenized versions of myself. My writing is better for it, at least I think so. 

So, today I challenge you to choose your next book from out of your normal genre of choice. If you've never read a romance, read one. Try some steampunk. (I just learned what this is!)

How far will you step out of your comfort zone?


  1. My favorite genre is memoirs. I find I learn so much about life from other people's lives. Some memoirs, like Viktor Frankl's book, changed my life. I've never liked romances because I always figure when they get married it is all downhill from there!LOL
    How far would I go? Not as far as horror story books, but I might try a western by Zane Grey. I think that is the only category of books I haven't tried.

  2. You know very far actually. I have a difficult time focusing on a book if its not something I truly enjoy. I had enough of 'making' myself read stuff I didn't want to in college so I'm totally okay with reading just what I want to read.
    those are good thoughts though!

  3. Great idea. I tend to just read fantasy & paranormal. But now that I'm blogging I'm reading books like The Lipstick Laws and Anna and the French Kiss and really liking them.


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