Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take A Risk Tuesday: Send That Query

Take A Risk!
So, lets say you've written at least three novels, two are in the drawer but there is something about the third. Could this be the one? How do you know and when is the right  time to send that query?

1) Knowing when your project is complete is sometimes difficult. I've heard authors say, "When I stop having new scenes appear in my mind it's finished." or "When all I'm doing is changing the's to a's it's time." Only you know when your project is ready to be pitched.  

2) Hopefully throughout the process you have been working on your query and pitch. Many writers feel that these are key in making sure your novel is complete. If you can't write a good pitch or query, chances are there is something missing. See more resources here and here.

3) Research agents. Think of it like adopting out a pet or child. You would want to know that they were in good hands. That means you don't send a romance to science fiction agent. There are many resources:   Literary Rambles monthly agent spotlights, Jill Cocoran has a complete list of resources, Don't forget about Query Tracker, too!

4) Just like a resume should be tailor made to the company and what they're looking for, so should your query letter. Personalize it so the agent can easily see you have what they want. 

5) Now, here's the hard part. For perfectionists like myself, we've figured out that if we never query we never have to feel rejection or failure. We can perpetuate the dream without ever making it real. Or course, that is the key word:  REAL WRITERS SEND THEIR WORK OUT. 

This weeks challenge: Choose an agent and take the risk. Even if nothing happens, the exercise of researching, writing and sending out the query gets easier each time you do it. (That means actually pushing the send button.)


  1. Not yet ready to send query yet, but did send two flash fiction pieces away today, so does that make me a real writer? Hope so.

  2. For me I thought it was ready and sent a few queries out when it didn't get any response I revised. I used to question the advice of not sending out 50 queries at once, now I see the wisdom in it.

  3. Great advice. Already done it! :)

  4. Your posts are so inspiring! (Even though I plan to self-publish). : ) Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Your blog is gorgeous! Looking forward to checking back in.

    Kami Kinard

  6. Not ready yet, but thanks for the reminder to take a risk.


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