Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Thursday Three

I'm so impressed with the blogs I keep stumbling upon and thought I would start spotlighting some of them so you can be impressed, too. Each week I will choose three new blogs (by new I mean those that have started in the last year)  that I think have a unique take on something, make me laugh or are just plain awesome.  I will also highlight what I will call  the "oldy but goody" of the week. This will be a blog that continues to deliver when it comes to content, always fresh, interesting or the my-week-isn't-complete-unless-I-stop-there blog.  

Feel free to tell me about a new blog you've found or one that you just can't live without. Cyberspace is so vast and I don't want to miss anything!

Here are three new blogs worth clicking into:
The Slowest Bookworm by Karen

     I have always been a slow reader and it  took a while to realize why.  I'm  slow because I sound of words and how they feel coming off my tongue. I have learned to move faster but I don't seem to enjoy it as much. Needless to say, when I saw the name of this blog I was intrigued. Karen reviews YA and adult fiction most of the time and you can also find great contests. 

Getting Your Read On by Aimee Brown

       Besides the clever title, Aimee's book reviews are always interesting. She reviews a wide range of genre's so there is something for everyone. In addition she is a reviewer over at
The Literate Mother which is a great source for good reads for middle grade and YA.

Departing The Text by Meryl Jaffe, Phd.

     This is a blog that raises issues that deal with education and literacy. I especially enjoyed her bullying post where she outlined possible no tolerance policies. Another great post dealt with arguments. All of her posts are chuck full of links, great information and often entertaining videos. If your interested in these subjects you won't want to miss this blog. 

And Now For The Oldie But Goody:

AnfinsenArt by Carol Anfinsen

     This is one of the blogs that I have to check out every week. There are several reasons that this is the case. One, is I am always treated to a  visual feast of color and line. I often find it breaks loose my muse. Two Anfinsen is an articulate writer and always has something interesting to say. And third, Anfinsen happens to be my mother, who I'm incredibly proud of and can't get over how prolific and driven she is.  I can count on her blog for inspiration every time I click in.

What new blogs have you found? 


  1. Love that you are doing this!!! AWESOME

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my post! I am your latest follower! I look forward to visiting the other posts.

  3. Having trouble at my end following. I have to boot down and try again --- but I WILL follow! I look forward to more.


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