Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PNWA Conference Rocked!!

I had a weekend of firsts. Last Thursday-Sunday I attended the PNWA Writers Conference. It was fantabulous, superlicious and awesome!! It was my first, so I had some nerves but I don't think I was as nervous as Chuck Sambuchino said I was. (My hands always shake.) Here are just some of the highlights for me:

1. First you have to understand that I have a weakness for English accents, but Chris Humphreys theatrical voice was an awesome way to open the conference. What did he speak about? What else, WORDS. (OMG: His Shakespeare was intense.)

2. I'm actually more of a random-ADD-driven writer so if I can find someone that can boil down a topic and supply a handout, it keeps me grounded. Robert Dugoni was incredible. Both the seminar and his workshops were packed with information for a total brain explosion.

3. Meeting real agents and editors was an important part of my writing journey. They aren't nearly as scary as they are sometimes made out to be with all the lists of do's and don'ts flying around. They are real people, they eat, they work hard and believe it or not they sometimes even crack a smile. :)

4. Attending with my critique partner, Annie was awesome. We could split up and glean more information, cheer each other on during pitch sessions and best of all I always had someone to eat with. We both commuted everyday from the Tacoma area. #ttotalexhaustion Next year, we will be staying at the hotel. I need my afternoon power naps!

5. Who else attends writing conferences? Writers. We are a unique lot with the majority being introverts. It was priceless to feel part of such a talented group of people. They share my love of reading, writing and understand my obsession to have my words published. We're a quirky bunch all in different stages of writing but every writer I met was generous and friendly no matter where they were in the pursuit of publication. That validation is invaluable to people who spend the majority of their days isolated in front of a computer. 

I could go on and on. These are only a few. I am grateful for PNWA and all the hard work that went into making this an incredible conference.


  1. Sounds awesome. It's great you got to meet some agents. We don't have many come to our conferences. I always enjoy meeting other authors conferences too.

  2. So glad you enjoyed and learned a lot through your first writing conference! I had a similar experience last spring at my first conference. What amazed me was how darned nice everyone was. It was a room full of like-minded people. Congratulations!

  3. Sounds like a great conference and thanks for sharing your experience with us! I've noticed that authors are always so generous as far as sharing their suggestions and tips with others. We are part of a great profession! Love your site and I'll be back! By the way, fifty is like really, really young!

  4. Sounds like a great conference. I posted about my experience at the Willamette Writers conference last week. Perhaps I'll go to PNWA someday.

  5. Hi Pam, I wandered onto your blog because of your book reviews, then I saw this post. I just got back from the SCBWI Annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles and I have to say it was beyond expectation. It's great to have a conference that's solely focused on children's literature. Can't recommend it enough.

  6. Here's a post about my experience there:

    Now back to exploring your site . . . :-)


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