Monday, June 25, 2012

Cover Release!! And MMGM Review

With less than a month to my book's release in conjunction with the official launch of Project Madison things are starting to snowball, just a bit. Can you believe it? For more important dates go here.

The story behind the story is one I'm very proud of. Besides, hopefully bringing awareness to the plight of homeless dogs and cats this is a family project that will leave a legacy for my children, grandchildren and their children. How awesome is that? The cover artwork was lovingly created by my mother, Carol Allen Anfinsen.

Thanks, Momma!

And now for your Marvelous Middle Grade Monday review!

About the Book: Age, This is the story of Diana and Stephanie, new stepsisters on a vacation at a ranch with Diana's mom and Stephanie's dad, who are newlyweds. Diana has a 'mood disorder' for which she takes medication. In her estimation, Stephanie is just too perfect. But Stephanie has some secrets of her own. The girls band together to free two captive wolves, an action that has unexpected and unintended consequences. Told in the alternating voices of Diana and Stephanie, the book explores themes of family, friendship, mental health, and nature. -Goodreads

First Line: My pills always made me sleep in the car.

One Great Line: "Moonlight hit the roofs of the barn and cabins. It spilled like milk across the sloped grazing pastures, highlighting the white salt blocks the cows and horses licked." (92)

What Others Are Saying:
 "Blended families that resist blending are a middle-grade–fiction staple, but this funny, gentle and compassionate story feels fresh, thanks to appealing, closely observed characters, both major and minor, and a compelling setting." -Kirkus Reviews

"Overall, I enjoyed the concept of the book. It wasn't fluffy and it wasn't over dramatic either. It was a really fast read as well, and I cannot wait to read the sequel "Wild Horse Spring". If you enjoy contemporary, or realistic fiction books, you should give this book a try. Even though it isn't fully young adult, it didn't seem childish to me at all." -Maji Bookshelf

What I Thought: The best thing about this book are the characters. I've read books before that have alternating POV between characters and often you would have to check back to see who was talking. You won't have this problem because Diane and Stephanie are well defined with unique voices. I also really liked the Native American culture slipped in throughout. The friendship that forms between the sisters is authentic and multifaceted just like the settings. This would be a great summer read.

About The Author: Lisa Williams Kline

Who: "I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I spent my childhood hanging around the Wake Forest University campus where my father taught Physics. My mom was a social studies teacher and guidance counselor in the Forsyth County Schools. I have one younger brother who is now a lawyer.
     "In first grade, I wrote and illustrated my first story. It was called "Little Horse and Little Lamb." In fifth grade I tried writing a novel about a girl and a boy who go on a grueling barefoot quest across North Carolina to find penicillin for their younger brother who has tonsillitis. Both stories are still in a box in my bedroom closet at my parents' house. That's probably a very good place for them to stay!" See more of her bio here.


  1. Love your cover Pam. So excited for you. And thanks for sharing about another book I didn't know about.

  2. I do love middle grade literature. You probably really don't know me, but I have been a lurker. I like your cover very much! And all the best for your book's release. I'll be watching for it.

  3. Thanks so much Natalie and Ann. I love lurkers, I'm one myself. You are welcome anytime!


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