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MMGM: The Pirates Eye by Gus Bass

Published: April 1, 2012
ISBN: 1847152287
Genre: fantasy, pirates, loyalty, friendship
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Themes: middle school, fantasy, friends, family, magic
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About the Book: After the successful defence of Castle Grotteskew from the evil clutches of Fulbert Freakfinder, life returns to normal for Stitch Head, until his master, Mad Professor Erasmus, leaves the castle to accept the prestigious Lifetime of Mad Professoring Award ...and doesn't come back. At last, Stitch Head is free to start a new life, and decides to live his dream and set sail for an almost-life on the high seas...But all is not as it seems, and soon Stitch Head, the Creature and Arabella find themselves racing across the waves in an attempt to rescue the professor from the clutches of a mysterious enemy...

First Line: It was the night that everything changed.

What Other's Are Saying: "Bass brings his readers on such a fast, fun, funny journey that sometimes you forget to draw breath and the design of the book and the plays with typeface and font, add to the entertainment rather than distract from it.
     There is no doubt that Guy Bass and Pete Williamson make a great team with Williamson’s illustrations always just on the right side of humorously gross. A very enjoyable read."
Inis Magazine, Book 1

"The story appeals to readers of all ages. It is dark but humorously well written and has lovable monsters for characters. One of the most striking things about the Stitch Head books is their illustrations by Pete Williamson. The characters and settings are eerie but beautifully drawn nonetheless and really help to bring the story to life. The gothic theme continues throughout the book as each page is designed to look like the page of an old book with its shaded edges and pretend creases."— Press Gang Review

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Book Twirps

What I Thought: I loved this fun off-beat adventure. It's about an under-dog character who learns courage. This is a wonderful fantasy full of outrageous over-the-top word play and humor mixed with a little harmless horror. The illustrations add depth and dimension pushes it close to a graphic novel. 

Illustrator: Pete Williamson

Who: Pete Williamson is a London-based artist, animation designer, and creator of twelve children's books to date. This site provides a showcase for his extensive work in all these areas, as well as comprehensive art galleries, regular updates and exclusive previews on all Pete's upcoming projects and information on how to commission art and design work.

Author: Guy Bass

Who: Guy Bass is an award winning writer, author, and stuff. In 2010 he won the Blue Peter Book Award for Most Fun Book With Pictures for Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things and has twice won the Portsmouth Book Award (Shorter Novel) for his Dinkin Dings series. Guy grew up dreaming of being a superhero – he even had a Spider-Man costume. The costume doesn’t fit anymore, so Guy now contents himself with writing children’s books and drawing the occasional picture. He has written plays for both adults and children, including three series of children’s plays for The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. He also created the MUNGLERS TRUMPS cards – and draws in almost every birthday card he sends.

In times past, Guy has been a theatre producer, a surly temp, and has acted his way out of several paper bags.

Guy lives in London with his wife and no dog, yet. Ask him questions, book him for an event, or just tell him how brilliant he is here –  —Website

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This made a great birthday gift for my grandson! We added an awesome brass spyglass and a book about real pirate stories. 


  1. I'm so glad pirate books are still popular. I hadn't heard of this one, so thanks for the heads-up.

  2. I love funny, so I will have to check this series out. Thanks for the review.I didn't know about the series.

  3. Love the cover art. The series definitely has potential!

  4. I LOVE Guy's first line, Pam. The night that everything changed. What a great beginning. I love these kinds of books. The covers are vivid and exciting. I need to check out the Stitch Head books. Thanks, Pam.

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