Monday, December 9, 2013

MMGM: Double Dribble by W.C. Mack

Published: November 5, 2013
ISBN: 1619631296
Genre: Middle grade, contemporary
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA, children
Themes: friendship, basketball/sports, family, self-discovery, twins, team
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About The Book: One month ago, academic whiz Russell Evans never thought he'd be a basketball superstar. But now he's playing on the seventh-grade team alongside his fraternal twin, Owen, and they're tearing up the court. The Pioneers are on a winning streak, and Russ and Owen are getting along better than ever. Until the Matthews twins (Mitch and Marcus) show up. These twins are a triple threat: practically basketball pros, academic geniuses, and . . . identical. Things heat up on the court and in the classroom as these brothers are poised to rule the school.

Now Russ and Owen are fighting for the spotlight, and sabotage seems like their only hope. But when Marcus suffers an injury and Mitch falters during a big game without him, it becomes clear that the Matthews are powerless when separated. Will Russ and Owen take advantage? Or do they have other plans in mind?

First Line: The Woodland Wildcats were going down!

What Others Are Saying: "In this follow-up to Athlete vs. Mathlete (2013), fraternal twins Russell and Owen Evans are the foundation of their seventh-grade basketball team.[...] They subsequently intimidate and wow their new classmates. Owen and Russell’s ability to operate individually is contrasted with the insular world Mitch and Marcus have created for themselves. The author gives the Matthews twins a bit of a pass in terms of how their attitude initially sets the Evans twins against them, but, in the end, all the boys must work out a satisfactory way to coexist as teammates. The basketball action—usually seen through the eyes of Owen—is well paced and will appeal to athletes and mathletes alike."  —Booklist

"Although hardly an insightful examination of brotherly problems, ample basketball play-by-play makes this a more attractive offering for reluctant readers." —Kirkus Reviews

Bloggers Weigh In:

What I Thought: This is actually the second in the series, the first called, Athlete vs. Mathlete is about the twins and their struggle to find their place and get along. Double Dribble picks up where the first book left off. It isn't necessary to read the first to understand the second. I love the POV change every chapter and Mack has done an excellent job of differentiating the voice. I appreciated that her characters aren't stereotypical jocks or good students. This is  fast moving, full of lively conversations and interior dialogue. Boys and girls will appreciate the details and challenges these middle grade students experience. 

About The Author: W.C. Mack

Who: W. C. Mack was born in Vancouver, B.C. and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Always a Canucks fan, she has also been known to cheer for the Portland Winterhawks.


  1. This sounds like a good book. Boys will definitely like it, and I know that one of the great goals of teachers and librarians (I'm a former 6th grade teacher) is to get those boys reading. Nice, concise review.

  2. This sounds like a fun series for boys. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Wow, I've never heard of this book! Thanks for putting it on my radar, Pam. Glad to hear it isn't necessary to read the first book to appreciate the second.

  4. I was not familiar with the book or the series so thanks for featuring it. Interesting premise and one sports loving boys might be enticed to read.

  5. I have some students that I think will love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to check out this series. :) Great review!


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