Sunday, February 16, 2014

MMGM: Fairylicious by Tiffany Nicole Smith

About The Book: Bex meant well. She always means well, but somehow trouble follows her wherever she goes. Bex thinks she's doing something nice when she blows out her birthday candles and wishes for fairies for her and each of her friends. The good news: Bex's wish comes true. The bad news: Maize, Blush, Olive, and Iris are not the fairies the girls were expecting.
These fairies are allergic to pixie dust and afraid of heights. On top of that, every wish they grant ends up being a disaster. Bex thought fairies were supposed to make life easier. Between these fractured fairies, an aunt and a teacher who seem to hate her, and the perils of being the biggest kid in the sixth grade--will Bex survive? Goodreads

First Line: "B...E...X," I said to myself as I traced the wooden letters on my bedroom wall with the dusting cloth.

What Others Are Saying: "I started smiling about a page into Fairylicious, and it kept getting better. This is a splendid and empowering book that tells kids it's okay if they're different, have unusual family backgrounds, or don't fit within gender or social norms -- and it does it in the most entertaining children's book I've read in some time." —Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

"There is a lot to like about Bex, an athlete self-conscious about her height (she hates being called “Big Bex,” which does not stop anyone in sixth grade), and this story has a lot of potential. Actually, that should be ‘stories,’ because there is a lot going on here, and it’s a bit of a mess. A good editor could have made this a unique book for all tween girls who don’t fit in." —Reviews by Lilah

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What I Thought: Smith is spot on with her middle school personalities. Bex's voice is authentic and I love her quirky friends. The dynamics portrayed between students is very characteristic of middle school. There was so much happening all the time and definitely kept me reading. The Fairies seemed like add-ons, cute and fun, but not necessary for the plot. I think any young girl that is navigating the world of homework, changing classes and dealing with bullies. 

About The Author: 
Tiffany Nicole Smith

Who: Tiffany Nicole Smith resides in South Florida where she enjoys teaching as well as writing middle grade and young adult fiction. Tiffany enjoys reading and watching horror, action, and fantasy movies—all of which inspire new story ideas. Be on the lookout for upcoming releases.

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  1. Never judge a book by its cover as the cover is not one I would have picked up. Your review, though, changed my mind as it sounds like a fun premise. A magical story wrapped up into a contemporary one.

  2. This sounds like a really fun book. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Totally, Greg. I'm not much for pink fairies but her middle grade voice was spot-on.


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