Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Another Life Transition...

My life is a series of transitions. Times where things shift in such a way that it requires a period of adjustment. I'm in one of those times now. As usual it requires a willingness to let go of the familiar and embrace the confusion of this moment. I'd like to say I know where I'll come out, but the reality is, I don't. 

It's been my experience that the less I attach myself to the familiar the easier the transition is. With transition comes confusion. I struggle to come to terms with what's changed and what will stay the same. Letting go of old patterns of thinking and embracing the new ones isn't easy. There's an anxiousness. A burning need to see what's on the other side. The unknown. 

One of the things I'm going to have to let go of for the time being is my blog and, sadly, my reviews. A sabbatical of sorts. While I don't know many specifics of the change, there are a few things I do know.

+ I've begun a new area of study. I'm currently completing course work through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.

+ Ritual has always been important to me.

+I've struggled to create a sense of spirit in my life after choosing to leave 
  organized religion behind.

+ This new work will engage my writing, and creativity to provide meaningful
   ritual and personal ceremony during important life transitions we all 
   experience over and over again in our lives.  

As I enter this labyrinth of change, unsteady and anxious, I am confident, that like the many transitions that have gone before,  I will emerge a better person. My desire to serve others in meaningful ways and connect with others on a deeper level will be improved and I'll become truer to the person that I am, the person I want to be. 

There are a couple of loose ends that I will need to tie-up. 

On July 24th, Project Madison's 2nd birthday, I will be releasing the second edition of the first book, under a new title, If Dogs Could Blog. 

Next week I will release the new cover design, with chances to win copies. This new edition features illustrations by both the original artist the same creative gals that did It's NOT Just A Dog! 

I have a few more Author to Author interviews that I will be posting down the road.

When I will return to a more regular blogging schedule and what that will look like still remains a mystery. But, rest assured...I will be back...

In the meantime, I'll be lurking around my favorite blogs, finding new ones and periodically, when I have something worth saying I may pop on for some dialogue.

Thank you for your understanding. 

I hope this resonates with some of you. If so, let me know, it would be nice to hear from others that have or are going through a life transition. 


  1. Good luck with the next chapter of your life.

  2. Pam, I totally get this and, though the unknown of the future can be scary, it's impossible to avoid unless you're no longer living, right? Blogging can be a wonderful thing, but it can't be everything, and certainly shouldn't consume all our energy anyway. It's what I'm hoping I can exercise once mine are launched. I know I'm not going to "unfollow" you simply because you won't be posting as regularly. Honestly, I would love it if all the blogs I followed only posted once a week---or less! lol How much easier it would all be to manage AND still have a life! Live yours! :D

    And though I agree about removing yourself from organized religion (there's only one, if I had to commit to one, that I would actually consider), I do hope that doesn't include removing yourself from your belief in God---a Creator. Good luck with this transition :)

  3. Wishing you all the best in this period of transition--I like the fact you are seeing your break from blogging as a sabbatical. I hope soon to be welcoming you back.

  4. Best of luck with your transition. We will miss you in the blogging world- but it is so important to do what you need to do for you and your spirit. Change is scary, but it sounds like you are making a change you want- and hopefully that will make it a bit less scary. :)

    Relax and enjoy your transition the best that you can.

  5. Thank you for sharing, and all the best wishes for your transition. Hope to see you blogging again when you're ready.

  6. Wishing you the best...and sending much admiration your way. You gave me goosebumps when you talked about letting go--I know what you mean and admire that you are doing what you are doing! Looking forward to seeing what you bring to us upon your return...whenever that may be!

  7. Best wishes, Pam, on this transition. It's good to take a step back and reevaluate what it's important.
    I hope that you find rest--and that we see you here again soon.

  8. Enjoy your journey through this transition. Your blogs will be missed. Injoy:) Carolyn


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