Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seasonal Magic

      Last week as the Northwest plunged into a deep freeze, I was again reminded of my fascination with the changing of seasons. 
   Long before I understood time or cycles I would gaze out at the close of every winter watching intently each day for the first leaf bud to burst. I wanted to “see” the first day of spring, the exact moment that nature began to surrender to the transformational magic of the new season. In the fall it was the same. Sure that I could see that first hint of autumn, that first leaf that turned from green to orange, red or yellow, I would intently watch every tree. 
   Later I learned that it isn’t the cold or the month, but the combination of moisture and  shorter days that causes photosynthesis to slow and finally stop.  This knowledge hasn't destroyed the magical process and I still find myself straining to see that first piece of evidence.  Of course, I can't actually pinpoint when the change begins, that's not the point. The magic occurs as I become absorbed by their beauty, the composition of the whole, the blending of the multiplying green in spring or the rich tones of autumn. It is during these seasonal journeys that I find myself questioning my place in this composition. Our place as human beings in the grander design. 

What role does the change in seasons play in your life? Do you have a favorite? 

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  1. My favorite season has to be fall. :)

  2. Fall and spring are my favorites, not too hot and not too cold. Beautiful to boot!

  3. I have a fascination with the soltices. I'm always meaning to celebrate in some way and pay close attention to the length (or lack of) of the hours of daylight. There seems to be something good about each season, but it's kind of funny that when it's really hot in the summer I wish it were winter and when I'm really cold in the winter I start longing for the hot summer days.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Looks like the fall is definitely a favorite. I like you Arlee seem torn as to what season I enjoy most, they all have their own magic.

  5. I love autumn. The long hot summer is over, and I can open my window at night. I love that.

  6. I'm a summer girl through and through. I'm solar powered, love baking my way through hot days, living off popsicles and sitting outside late at night, enjoying BBQs in the balmy air.

  7. Elana sent me! Glad she did.

    I am not a winter person, I love spring when the earth comes alive again.


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