Monday, April 11, 2011

Ideas: Partaking of the Feast

     It has been rolling around in your gray matter for days. The growth of it has you distracted and you can't think of anything else. The prodding is relentless until there is no turning back and the words and ideas tumble out upon the page. Writers will recognize the birth of an idea.                                                                                                            Often an idea arrives all on its own and burrows its way into your mind.  This is what the writer lives for. The reality is sometimes ideas don't come as freely as we'd like. There are instances when we have to coax an idea to present itself. 

    The particular meditation I am working on requires acute attention to simple tasks. So, one day I was folding the laundry, instead of quickly slapping the clothes in drawers, I took the time to feel the textures of the fabrics, the fresh-out-of-dryer warmth , even the smell. Remember yesterday's post? Be in the moment. This is a great way to stimulate ideas.

 "I don't see how a writer can operate without going out as a reporter. Think of the feast that's out there."  -Tom Wolfe

There is a feast of ideas out there if we are willing to pay attention and notice what is going on around us. 

The more we pay attention the easier it gets and before we know it awareness becomes our normal state of mind.

Where do your ideas come from? 

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  1. great post it is important to watch the things around us. I think writers need to be the greatest observers there are. We need to be mindful of the things around us and inside us. I find feelings to be a great source of inspiration.


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