Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's The Scoop On Writing Contests?

There seems to be several camps when it comes to whether or not a writer should enter contests.  With the incredible changes in the publishing industry one can't help but ask if entering a contest is in a writers best interest. So I took to the Google highway to gauge the temperature.

Entering writing contest can stretch and hone your skills through following guidelines and producing quality work.
 Why Enter Contests...Let Me Count the Ways

Whether you win or lose the feedback is often more helpful than several form rejection letters. 
Genre Writing Contests
June 2011 Writing Contests

Do your research, there are scams out there. Enter contests that have been around and are attached to real publications.
Poets And Writers
Colorado Gold Writing Contest

Don't ever pay to enter a contest. (While this opinion was in the minority it is worth exploring.) The idea is that money should always flow towards the writer.
Are Paid Contests Scams
Fund and Follow Creativity
Pros And Cons Of Using Kickstarter

Winning a contest gives you credentials to add to your blog, writing resume and query letters. 
How To Win A Writing Contest
Even judging contests can be an educational experience.
The Truth About Writing Contests
In Defense Of Reading Bad Writing
How do you feel about contests? 
Are they worthwhile? 
Or just a scam?

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  1. I don't think they are a scam. And some legitimate ones require payment. Though I have yet to find one for Kidlit that offers feedback. I enter a couple but that's it. It does help me work on that synopsis though!


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