Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take a Risk Tuesday: Do Something Unexpected Everyday

Life is all about taking risks.  
I think sometimes we think of  risk in grand sweeps of dramatic color splashed upon our life canvas. While sometimes this may happen, I'm talking about tiny moments of exploration. The small kind of discoveries that as children we enjoyed everyday. 

As a child each new day presented new opportunities to see, smell, touch, taste or hear something new. Why does that have to stop when we become adults? Well, it doesn't. As a writer, I believe it is important to dip my brush often and deeply into unexplored waters. This doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Sure, I'd love to travel to an exotic land, taste interesting cuisine or listen to new sounds. I'm sure we all would and I love reading blogs of those that have those opportunities. Does that mean I am destined to life of boredom, only to see and hear the same thing everyday? Hell, no! 

Each day anyone can take the risk of trying something new. 

Here are some ways I try to do this everyday:
1) Take a different route to or from work.
2) Listen to music I've never heard before.
3) Smell a new perfume or fragrance.
4) Try a new yoga pose.
5) Pick a food I've never tried and cook something with it.

I'm sure you get the idea. There's no reason we can't do something new and different everyday. Try a new word. Meet a new person. Learn a new skill. The list is endless. Diversity is all around us, embrace it, take a risk by reaching out into the unknown. 

What risk will you take today? Today I'm going to plant some new herbs in my raised garden, maybe basil, chives and something totally different!

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  1. I love those new things to try every day. When you grow tired of #4 try a simple dance step, perhaps start with a merengue shuffle.
    I love reading your essays. Thank You.


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