Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Thursday Three Plus One

I'm so impressed with the blogs I keep stumbling upon and thought I would start spotlighting some of them so you can be impressed, too. Each week I will choose three new blogs (by new I mean those that have started in the last year) that I think have a unique take on something, make me laugh or are just plain awesome. I will also highlight what I will call the "oldy but goody" of the week. This will be a blog that continues to deliver when it comes to content, always fresh, interesting or the my-week-isn't-complete-unless-I-stop-there blog.

Feel free to tell me about a new blog you've found or one that you just can't live without. Cyberspace is so vast and I don't want to miss anything!

Here are three new blogs worth clicking into:

In The Next Room by Zoe

This is a another great book review blog but I find her eclectic choice of books refreshing. Zoe also has some additional pages that feature a series on movies vs. book comparison's, an author page where she has links to authors that have visited her site and a challenge page. When you go to the challenge page there are links to several reading challenges that she is in the process of completing and links so you can join them.

Karen Pokras Toz by Karen Pokras Toz

My favorite thing about Karen's blog is her weekly Friday Five. There is always something interesting. Most recently she's been blogging about her kids at camp. Fun times! Karen's writing is energetic and fun, much like her newly released book, Nate Rocks The World. Which I will be reviewing for MMGM on August 8th. She was kind enough to send me a signed copy that I will be giving away a lucky commenter. 

 The Rusty Key by Jordan B. Neilsen

Neilsen is one of the few blogs that have established themselves as an actual virtual place on the internet. When you arrive at the front gate you have several key options, the cellar, the attic, the reading room or the shed. There are also special features. Most recently, Neilsen along with her cohorts, Becca Worthington and Russel Jones have been exploring the "Harry Potter Effect". Their book reviews, interviews and features truly amazing. I will definitely be visiting them often.

And now for the oldie but goody... 

Reading Nook by Brittlit 

Okay, this one isn't very old and only misses my cut-off for new blogs by seven months, but rules are rules. Brittlit is solely dedicated to YA book reviews and has been since June 2009. Her list is vast and her reviews are full of great prose, I really like her format at the beginning of each post. She also adds the first line and favorite lines, which are something I always include in my reviews. I hope she doesn't mind but I'm going to steal some ideas. I love that she reviews the covers. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. 

What blogs have you found that shouldn't be missed?


  1. Oh thanks for the links! I love checking out new blogs. And sorry for the delay in ms exchange. We sold our house and am in the middle of a move so life has been crazy. But I haven't forgotten and will be available later this month if you're still interested. :)


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