Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Thursday Three

I'm so impressed with the blogs I keep stumbling upon and thought I would start spotlighting some of them so you can be impressed, too. Each week I will choose three new blogs (by new I mean those that have started in the last year)  that I think have a unique take on something, make me laugh or are just plain awesome.  I will also highlight what I will call  the "oldie but goody" of the week. This will be a blog that continues to deliver when it comes to content, always fresh, interesting or the my-week-isn't-complete-unless-I-stop-there blog.  

Feel free to tell me about a new blog you've found or one that you just can't live without. Cyberspace is so vast and I don't want to miss anything!

Wolf Tales    by Jennifer Wolf
This is one of those blogs that you just want to visit and load up on all the positive ju-ju  floating around. I have had a ball watching her get her book deal, reveal her cover and all the snarky teen posts. Head on over and congratulate her on receiving the ark copies of her book, Breaking Beautiful that will debut in April 2012. Go Jennifer!!

The Word is My Oyster     by Lydia Kang

Now this is impressive. Lydia has been blogging only since 2010 and she is already celebrating her 900 followers with an awesome give away. It isn't surprising given her content. Her in depth interviews with authors are always interesting. My favorite are the Medical Monday posts. These are always packed with fascinating facts and stories. Last Monday the post was about a guy who heaved a quart of blood every week in the ER.

The Question of the Day    by Suzanne Casamento

Before you get all she's-been-blogging-for-more-than-a-year on me, let me explain why I've included this blog. Suzanne has been blogging her questions for several years, but since her follower numbers are still below 200, I decided she fit my requirements. And besides, it's my blog. Anyway, I love the questions she poses and the dialogue she generates and think if she could double her following things could get really interesting. 

And now for the oldie-but-goody:

Badass Bookie by Lisa Badass Bookie

What's not to like about a blog that is badass? Lisa is dedicated to spotlighting debut authors in her Debutante of the Month series. All things YA are the focus and if your looking to fill out your TBR stack this is the place. And besides, I always feel badass after my visit and for a 50 something that's something. Now, where did I put my boots, I feel a strut coming on.

Drifted into any hot new blogs lately?


  1. I know Lydia. She's an amazing person, AND blogger. I'll have to check the others out! :o)

  2. And Lydia is hosting a 900 followers giveaway contest!


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