Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Thursday Three Plus One

I'm impressed with blogs that I keep stumbling upon and thought I would spotlight some of them so you can be impressed, too. Each week I choose three new blogs (by new I mean those that have started in the last year) that I think have a unique take on something, make me laugh or are just plain awesome. I will also highlight what I will call the "oldie but goody" of the week. This will be a blog that continues to deliver when it comes to content, always fresh, interesting or the my-week-isn't-complete-unless-I-stop-there blog.

Feel free to tell me about a new blog you've found or one that you just can't live without. Cyberspace is so vast and I don't want to miss anything!

The Scribblers Cove by An Awesome Group of Writers
      If you're looking for a writers group to drop in on, this is the place. Several aspiring and debut authors host this blog that features ideas, encouragement and inspiration. There are also links to great resources and products worth checking out. The site is fairly new and is perhaps still working on finding it's blogging legs but I think they have a great concept and encourage you to support them. 

It's in the Books by Dawn Embers
    This is another great blog by an aspiring author. What's impressive is she's only been blogging for a year and she has reached 200 followers. So how did she do it? First, she posts openly and honestly about her writing goals, discoveries and weaknesses. Second, she consistently joins blogfests. Her biggest success last year was her religious participation in Nanowrimo. I'm looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes this year. Go Dawn!

Meredith McCardle by Meredith
    What I like about Meredith's blog is her raw authenticity. Sometimes it's helpful to read that someone is having the same problem you are with staying focused. I especially liked her post about finding something in a museum that was extremely inspiring, so much so, she had characters and a whole new story pushing her current WIP off to the side. What followed was a wonderful dialogue, comments by others that could relate to this issue.

And Now for the Oldie but Goody...
Winded Words by Jackee
     I joined this blog as a follower some time ago, but as many of you will agree, getting back to every blog you've joined is difficult. So when I dropped in today I was happily surprised to find a post worth thinking about. Why do you blog? Jackee lists several things that blogging has provided for her. See how many of them you agree with and post your own reasons in the comments.


  1. Thanks for sharing. They all sound fantastic.

  2. Thanks for sharing these! Will bookmark and take a look as I continue with my catching up travels.


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