Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Thursday Three Plus One

In my travels through the blogosphere I am often amazed by the great blogs out there.  Here are some more you shouldn't miss...
Rainstorms & Rainbows by Rain Laaman
     First I'd like to officially welcome Rain to the blogosphere. Writing about a variety of writing subjects, Rain is honest about her challenges and discoveries. She began writing early in life and has chosen the challenging path of a writer. Join her on her journey into the writing life.

Brave New Words by Young Adult Sci-fi Authors Debuting in 2012
     Now this is an awesome idea! Here are some fabulous authors that have embraced the reality of self marketing and balancing this with their writing lives. Instead of running individual blogs they have banded together to promote all of their books on one blog. Ingenious! And these are some awesome books. Which brings me to their sister blog.

The Nightstand: For Books Both Sinister and Strange by 2012 Young Adult Paranormal and Thriller Debuts
     Here is another group of smart authors helping each other to promote their books. One sidebar features their books with links to buy them. The other sidebar has links to their personal websites. There are also pictures and short bios of each author. This is way cool synergy!!

And now for an oldie but goody...

Shrinking Violet Promotions by R.L. Lafevers and Mary Hershey
Marketing For Introverts
      I love, love, love this blog. Why? Because I'm never disappointed. They have relevant and important information about promoting yourself and your books. This week they have an important article about the unique challenge of marketing for middle grade books. Established in 2007 they have experience and knowledge of the changes in publishing.

If you have a blog that you think I should check out and review let me know! 

Haven't entered to win a signed copy of this weeks Marvelous Middle Grade enter here.


  1. I know you always post these on Thursday, but tomorrow Matthew and I are hosting the Pay it Forward blogfest (almost two hundred participants now) where everyone lists three blogs for their followers to visit. If you're interested!

  2. I appreciate that you take the time to inform us of new blogs (or at least new to readers). Thank you. Have a sunny, wonderful week.

  3. Thank you for your lovely paragraph about my blog, Pam!
    Shrinking Violet Promotions looks like a great place to hang out! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alex, Thanks for the invite. Just got back from vacation so I'm not prepared, but i will check out the participants for new great blogs.

    Carmen, yeah I try to spotlight "new" established 2010 or later, but I've found that limits me. So they are always new to me!!

    Rain, You are very welcome!


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