Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 More Things That Kindergarten Taught You About Twitter

Who Saw Socia On Twitter?
Socia Malaise is back with more great ideas for creating relationships on Twitter. If you missed last weeks post see it here. Socia says: All you need to be successful on Twitter you learned in Kindergarten. I'm sure most of you have heard the Robert Fulghum poem, if not you can find it here. 

...continued from last week

10.Warm Cookies Are Good For You: No one likes cold cookies and warm milk. Try not to be the Debbie Downer of the Twitter Feed. There are blogs and places for that kind of negativity. (Not that I particularly enjoy them.) Don't clutter the feed with baseless complaints, rejection stories, insults and your account of the worst day of your life. 

11. Live A Balanced Life:  Set a specific time for social media everyday and decide what you want to accomplish in the allotted time. For example, spend two hours online a day and each day have a goal. Either scheduling future tweets, building your email list, finding new people to follow or participating in a chat. Anything that is going to put some water in my social media bucket. Or break this time up thoughout the day and sneak mini-moments when you can. Remember the Tortious and the Hare. One big loud rush and then nothing isn't as good as slow steady growth.  Many twitter activities can be done when you're catching up Fringe, sitting in a doctors office,  just not when you're driving. 

12. Learn Some, Think Some: The successful Twitter users are generous. What are they offering? Content, worthwhile content.  Don't you just hate it when someone goes on and on about themselves? #annoying I don't know about you, but I really don't care what anyone had for breakfast, unless of course you are sharing a new restaurant or recipe. What I am interested in is good content. What are you offering to your followers? Share your knowledge, promote other people's content and offer your followers links to something you know will interest them. Think before you Tweet.

13. And Draw and Paint and Sing and Dance: Be sure to use an interesting photo or background for your twitter page. What does your back ground say about you? Images are becoming more important in the online dialogue, don't get left behind. Tweetpic allows you to post pic's from your phone to the twitter feed. 

14. Play and Work Everyday: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you only tweet about your book and where to buy it, people are going to lose interest and most likely unfollow you. #spamsucks Have fun, engage in Twitter chats and Tweetups, let people get to know you and your brand, the why of what you do.

15. Take a nap every afternoon: It's a great idea to take vacation from social media. That's right, take a break. No Twitter, no Facebook, no blogging, no internet...Sound too hard? It's difficult but your social media participation will be better for it. Be sure to tell your followers you are on a break and when you will be back.  When you step back and take a break you come back rejuvenated and fresh, something your followers will appreciate.

16. When you go out...Watch Out For Traffic: This is all about tuning into what's going on around you. You can't be relevant if you aren't aware of what people are talking about. How do you do that? Check what is trending at least once a day. If your tweets can include a subject that is trending your tweets will be seen by a larger audience. Be part of the bigger conversation.

17. Hold Hands and Stick Together: If you say something and someone answers, don't pass up this opportunity to connect. It's called a conversation. Auto-responders aside (more on that in another post), post while the conversation is still warm. This is something you can't afford to mess up on. Conversations are how relationships are built. Make sure your cookies are warm.

18. Be Aware Of Wonder: Children are always ready to learn something new. Twitter is the big thing now, but next year it may be something else. Be open and prepared to make adjustments and learn new things. And besides it's good for your brain.

Me: Socia thanks so much! This has been incredible and I know I want to start implementing. At the same time it's overwhelming.

Socia: Don't let it be. This isn't a race to some invisible finish line. Take one new thing and work on it and then the next week try another. 

Me: I will. Now what can we look forward to in the coming weeks?

Socia: After a quick Twitter vocab essentials review, we will be looking at Facebook next and that Timeline thing that has everybody screaming. Then some things to look forward to are Google +, Linked In and something that I'm really excited about social media for Tweens. 

Me: Don't forget to ask Socia anything about social media and she will answer them on the last Tuesday of the month for our QA.


  1. Pam, I like the 'balance' comment and gosh, was just pondering taking a nap and well, you said it was okay, so now I guess I'll have to go do it :) great thoughts!

  2. Such great advice!! It's as if this Socia series is made for me. : ) You are so creative!!

  3. Thanks for more great advice. I appreciate it.

  4. This is great advice and I will do my best to put them into play. I found your blog through LinkedIn and am trying to find out how to follow you! I'm sure I will figure it out. For now I am subscribing to your feed!


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