Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Twitter: It's Not About The Numbers

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Socia Malaise is here again to share what she's found while lurking around social media for the last couple months. Today I'm getting some answers about Twitter.
Me: Thanks for stopping by. The other day we talked about finding the social media that works best for you. What do you mean?
Socia: There are numerous mediums that artists can use to express their creativity. Authors need to do the same thing when it comes to social media. People can make suggestions but in the end each person has to find what works best for them.

Me: That's overwhelming. I don't have time to learn and try all of them. What do you suggest? 

Socia: That's where a plan, a business plan can play a huge role in making the best choices. One of the most important parts of a business/marketing plan is to learn where your audience hangs out and what they are talking about. Once you know that you can narrow things down quite a bit.

Me: Okay, but that's a whole other ball of wax.(I'm kind of a artsy-fartsy type so I used The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee and loved it.) Lets assume that my readers have a business plan and know who their audience is. Let's start with Twitter. What is it and how does it work?

Socia: The most common explanation as to what Twitter says that it is a micro-blogging site where people can answer the question: What are you doing now? I think that definition doesn't necessarily describe what Twitter has evolved into. Twitter has become one of the quickest ways to get news and information out to large amounts of people.

Me: So many of the tweets I see are about what someone had for breakfast or where to buy a product. Sometimes there's a funny joke or a quote I like. I just don't see the value. 

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Socia: That's why it's really important to manage your Twitter involvement effectively. Again, you have to have a plan and it can't just be about getting followers. 

Me: Does the number of followers you have matter? 

Socia: Only if you see that translating into increased hits on your blog or website and ultimately your sales. What really matters is who's following you. Having thousands of followers that have no interest in what you do looks good, but what does it mean? Are they actively seeking out your tweets? Think more about cultivating followers than growing them.

Me: Tell us some things to help us the difference.

Socia: I found a great list on Twitip ,one of the most useful sites about Twitter that I've found. Lots of resources and ideas. Here is a list of what you have to gain by participating on Twitter. 
  • 1. Build a network of contacts within your industry that you never had access to or knew about before, not just locally, but globally. 
  • 2. Share your knowledge and expertise on a global basis.
  • 3. Discover new opinions and thoughts from like minded people in your industry, locally and globally.
  • 4. Great way to engage with future clients, the Twitter community are a very approachable bunch.
  • 5. Great way to engage with current clients.
  • 6. Build your company reputation through constant engagement and quality content.
  • 7. Build your personal reputation as a thought leader and industry specialist.
  • 8. When it’s organized, great way to meet your network through Tweet-ups and like minded events, building your personal contacts and forging friendships.
  • 9. Your Network will bend over backwards to help you with things that you never would have expected. Trust me, it’s true.
  • 10. Listen, watch and learn. You don’t have to contribute 24/7, there is great learning to be had just by watching your feed sometimes.
  • 11. It’s FUN!
Me: These are great. Were out of time but could you come back next week and give us some more details.

Socia: Of course, I'd love to! For now, just think of Twitter as micro-blogging in 140 words. 

Join us next Tuesday for Socia's Steps To Twitter Success!


  1. Thanks so much for the tips Pam. This is the one social networking avenue I'm leaning toward entering. But I'm hesitant to take on another time suck. But it does sound good. Looking forward to next Tuesday's post.

  2. Thanks for the Twitter tips. I fought against Twitter for a while, but have come to see it's value and enjoy it.


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