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5 Things Authors Need To Know About Facebook

Social Malaise
Cracking The Code To Social Media
Hello all you social media lovers and haters. I've found that until I understand a  network, I hate it. That's why I'm so glad that Socia is out doing the footwork and skimming through all the fluff to sift out real kernels of marketing wisdom. The reality is as writers and authors we now have to add to our bag of tricks, branding and marketing. So I'm very excited to see what Socia, has for us today.

G'day everyone. (Yes, Socia is decidedly Australian) I've been slogging about the internet trying to find the best ways to use social media. I've been a bit shirty at times but once I sort out the info and digest it a bit, I'm ripper. So hang on a tick and she'll be right in no time. (Well, that was fun, but way too much work.) You can continue with the accent, if you like. Today we are talking Facebook or is it The Facebook!

1. Timeline Gives Me The Shakes
     Like anything new, this new timeline thing has some pining for the old days. Not gonna happen. So buck up and figure out how to use it to your benefit. Let me put it this way. Things are a changin'. No, they're always changin'. You either get on, move forward or you're gonna be left behind.
        The timeline is really great for business and marketing because it gives you a an opportunity to tell your story. What do you want people to think of when they hear your name, see your books name or company logo? If you haven't figured that one out, you might as well stop reading. There are lots of great sources out there for building your brand. I particularly found The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee because it's written for random, creative thinkers like me.

2. Now Here This: Don't Put Your Eggs In One Basket
     Your website should be your hub. The one place where your content is created, shared and then pushed out to the social networks. Why? Because when Facebook, Twitter or anyone makes those changes, and they inevitably will, your main avenue for content will remain steady. So as I share some resources and tips on Facebook, don't feel pressured to throw yourself into Facebook at the expense of your website.

3. Do I Need A Fan Page,Too?
    Now that Facebook is public it's easier to get friends. If you already have a large readership and several books than having a book page, author page, etc. might make sense. When you're just starting out either independently publishing or debuting your first book, you are trying to build and it might be more productive to stick to one page, for a while at least. People don't want to be getting duplicate posts when you post the same content from each sight. If you choose to have a fan page be sure that you have specific content for that page. They are easy to set up so we won't cover that here.

4. The Cover Photo
  Think of this as your store front. It's the first impression that someone is going to have when they land on your sight. Just like the front display window it should change periodically. Take a peek at some of these great covers.
Making these covers doesn't have to complicated. 
Here are some great resources for creating covers.
There are some rules as to what Facebook will allow and the following link lays  it out really well.

How to Create a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Timeline (Updated)

5. Tell Your Story On The Timeline
    One of the most common questions that readers ask writers is how they became a writer. Other writers want to know how they became an author. And other authors love to hear about the process and how they got to where they are today. The timeline is where an author can tell that story. Why do you write? When did you decide to to become an author. All of that can be told on your timeline. 
   Whenever I talk to children about my writing they want to know where I live, do I have a pet, what do I like to do when I'm not writing. Again, the timeline is a great way to share that with your friends or fans. 
    You can go back and add milestones like when you finished your first book, when you have events, your accomplishments. How about the day you met an author that you really admire? All of this can create a personal story of who you are and why you do what you do. This is your brand.

Here are several great resources:
(Note: When it comes to internet resources on social media they need to be up to date. These were all published in the last 3 months.)

Assisting Authors OnlineHow To: Facebook Timeline Author Pages
New Author Sites- How Authors Can Use Facebook to Sell Their Books
Copyblogger- How to Create A Facebook Timeline

What has you boggled with Facebook? Timeline, like it? Hate it?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Pam. I know nothing about timeline. I'm saving a link to this post so I can check out the links about the basics that you shared.

  2. I still like the comment from the technology professor at Kent State about Facebook: "If you aren't paying for it, YOU AREN'T THE CUSTOMER." Facebook seems just creepy to me, but I also fail totally to understand Pinterest.

  3. Great tips, and thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out!


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