Friday, August 24, 2012

Woofstock: An Adoption Success Story

Basking in the hot sun or romping in the off leash yard these guys know how to have fun as hundreds of dog lovers gathered on Sunday, August 4th  for the Dugan Foundation’s sixth annual Woofstock. They gathered in Todd Field at the University of Puget Sound with more than 30 booths and over two hundred pets were poised and ready to play and meet the families.

Woofstock 2012 was aimed at bringing people together to have a great time and to collaborate in support of developing Washington State into a sustainable, no-kill community.  

Held on the lawn at the University of Puget Sound this annual event was a great success, despite the uncharacteristically high temperatures. There was plenty of music, food for the people and dogs and entertainment.  Animal rescue and shelter organizations brought out dogs, cats and even some bunnies hoping to match families looking for that perfect pet, besides raising money for pet projects around the region.

The weather while beautiful was extremely hot but that didn't stop people from coming out and visiting the booths. The Greyhounds Pets of America NW located their station under the shade of large trees. Even in the shade these dogs were panting hard. “Greyhounds are incredibly sensitive to heat but we’ve done our best to keep them comfortable.” Said one of the many knowledgeable dog specialists available for questions. 

Besides shelters and rescue organizations there were many booths dedicated to important programs like the Prison Pet Program that trains service dogs. The Washington State Animal Response Team offered information about their efforts during natural disasters and support they give to other states when floods, fires, storms or hurricanes leave animals homeless or stranded. Their organization was formed shortly after Hurricane Katrina which really brought the need into view.  They have been instrumental in reuniting pets with their original families as well as finding home for the other animal victims of disasters. 

According to the Dugan Foundation there were ninety-three successful adoptions in five hours. 

If you have adopted a pet, tell us about it!

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  1. I LOVE seeing this! Great post : ) Nothing makes me happier than when people adopt a pet. I have always had rescue animals- my dog, Jack is from North Shore Animal league, and they were fabulous to work with. Jack is a golden chow, and about as adorable as you can imagine- lots of hair, though! It looks like it was an amazing time and I'm so glad I popped over to check it out! ~ Jess


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