Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One, Two, Three Foolproof Plan For Writers

This is so exciting I can't keep still!!
     I've been writing fulltime for 3 years. Before my writing was squeezed  between taking kids here and there, laundry and working...most of you know what I mean. What I've learned during this time isn't earth shattering, there is no secret code, no switch to turn on, and definitely no road map. 

     The experts will tell you their foolproof ways to become a successful writer. Books are in the triple digits that claim to reveal the "right" way to write and how to be a successful writer. Publishers have made billions $$$ on writers searching for the secret of success. And believe me, I've read them. Most of them are incredibly inspiring. All of them give you an array of things to try, and try them, I did. Like all writers have my favorites, the ones that resonated the strongest for me. I'm not going to talk about them today. Today, I'm going to give you the truth, plain and simple. Here it is...wait for it...forget what you've heard, trash what you've read and ignore all the charts and programs you've tried. They don't work. The sun comes up, rain or shine, cold or hot, clear sky or stormy. You must show up, plant your butt in the chair and write. 

     That's it! No frills or huge epiphanies, it's that simple. I've heard and read, again from authors I highly regard, that if you aren't writing, if you don't write everyday than you should choose a different career. I disagree. I believe most writers often find sitting in the chair the hardest thing they do. It's that first sentence that refuses to be written that makes us crazy. 

Sleeping like a baby!
The cure? There isn't one. Get to the chair, sit at your computer with paper and pen and begin and tomorrow, do it again, and then again. Even if you only write ten words, you have succeeded. Celebrate that! Reward yourself. You do that enough and it becomes a habit, just like brushing your teeth. At the end of the day you'll lay your head on the pillow and realize until you write something, you won't be sleeping.

What kind of things get you to "put your butt in the chair?"


  1. Loving to write puts my butt in the chair. I've contemplated quitting many times, but don't think I can. So I'll keep writing and maybe someday I'll get one of my manuscripts published.

  2. Oh man...this was so good to read 'cause it is so, so true! I know it, but it is important to be reminded and stop looking for the magic key. Keep on keeping on and thanks for reminding me to do. the. same! BIC writeres unite!

    What gets my butt back in chair is wanting to get something submitted to my crit group, or an editor or an agent, cause that is my path to having one of my own books published!


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