Friday, May 10, 2013

Anyone Can Be A Teacher...What's The Big Deal

I posted this a couple of years ago and sadly nothing has changed. If you support teachers and the hard work they do, please tweet and share this post. 

     What on earth can teachers be whining about? How difficult can it be to work only nine months out of the year and get off work at 3:30pm? Right? 

     During the last 30 years I have spent hours volunteering, working and spending time in the education system. My children have graduated and now my grandchildren have entered the public school system and I'm taking time out again, to lend a hand.  I find myself in awe of what a teacher is required to do on a daily basis.

    These challenges would never be tolerated in a normal work environment. The amount of extra time and money spent outside of school in any other profession would be reimbursed or rewarded by overtime pay or merit increases and bonuses.

What would happen if people in other professions faced the same realities teachers do on a daily basis...

1. You manage 28 employees that all talk at once, won't stay at their desks, aren't catching on to the expectations of the job, stop you every 5 minutes to ask a question completely unrelated to the project at hand or don't finish their work. What happens? THEY'RE FIRED.

Teachers don't choose their students nor can they terminate being their teacher. 

  2. You're a doctor and you have 28 patients that all need to be screened, evaluated and appropriate treatments found all at the same time in the same exam room. 
RIDICULOUS?  Teachers do it everyday. 

3. You are an hourly sales employee and a big event is coming up that requires extra preparation and training which means you are working longer than 8 hours. YOU'RE PAID OVERTIME.
  Teachers on average spend two hours each evening correcting papers, calling parents or planning curriculum.

 4. You're a lawyer and you have a client that insists on discussing the progress of their case on a daily basis through email and phone calls, another client needs to be coached for tomorrows trial, you win a settlement for one of your clients. HOURLY CHARGES APPLY AND YOU TAKE YOUR PERCENTAGE OFF THE TOP.

Teachers may receive an apple, coffee mug, maybe even a brownie,  usually they are lucky to receive a thank-you. There's no bonus for students that are successful on tests or graduate.

5. You work for your company long enough to earn six to eight week paid vacation so you plan a trip to Europe and maybe a cruise. YOUR VACATION IS YOUR TIME.
Teachers summers are filled with learning new curriculum, continuing education(at their expense) and running summer programs. And besides, who can afford a cruise on a teachers salary.

6. Banks take our money and invest it, create a sub-prime crises, shatter the economy and create the highest unemployment rates in years.  THEY GET A BAILOUT. (Still our money.)

  Teachers spend at least 10% of their own income supplementing their classrooms: paper, pencils, art supplies, hats and gloves, books, lunch money, materials, snacks, student awards, special programs...where's their bailout?

7) The average salary in the U.S. is $52,029 the average teacher salary in the U.S. is 42,225.  
  More and more quality teachers are leaving the profession in order to support their families. 

I challenge anyone to spend an entire week in the classroom and see how easy-breezy it is. When was the last time you visited a public school? 

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  1. I know people who couldn't handle one hour in a busy classroom. People don't realize how much of their own time and money teachers contribute to the health and education of other people's children. I know teachers who buy boots and books and supply so many kids with things that are basic necessities. They do this because they love children and want them to succeed.


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