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MMGM: Series Spotlight And Give-Away

The Clone Chronicles

About Book I: Meet Fisher Bas: 12 years-old, growth-stunted, a geeky science genius, and son of the Nobel Prize-winning creators of the Bas-Hermaphrodite-Sea-Slug-Hypothesis. No surprise: Fisher isn't exactly the most popular kid in his middle-school, tormented daily by the beefy, overgrown goons he calls The Vikings. But he senses relief when he comes upon the idea of cloning himself--creating a second Fisher to go to school each day while he stays at home playing video games and eating cheetos with ketchup. It's an ingenious plan that works brilliantly, until Fisher's clone turns out to be more popular than him--and soon after gets clone-napped by the evil scientist Dr. Xander.

First Line: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every geeks, freak, or nerd, there are three massive and ruthless meatheads. Ergo: the universe does not like geeks.  -Fisher Bas, Scientific Principles and Observations of the Natural World (unpublished)

What Others Are Saying: "Castle’s debut, the first in a planned series, strikes just the right balance of humor and action and is sure to keep young readers turning the pages. Fisher’s struggles to fit in, to relate to girls and to uncover and preserve his true self feel genuine, making him a misfit and unlikely hero worth rooting for."

“Fisher’s wild imagination and sincerity fuel Castle’s debut novel…Heavy doses of self-deprecating humor, high-tech wizardry, and goofy middle-school antics add up to an amusing and action-packed adventure.” — Publishers Weekly
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About Book II: Fisher Bas and Two were able to thwart the evil Dr. X, but after somehow surviving the explosion at TechX Enterprises, Two is in Hollywood looking for his "mother." Fisher must bring him back to Palo Alto before his cloning secret is discovered. When a class field trip to see the Dr. Devilish science show arises, it becomes the perfect opportunity for Fisher to find his clone. But all kinds of complications will get in the way--including Amanda Cantrell, who knows more than Fisher would like about Two's identity.
As Fisher, FP, and Amanda team up to find Two, they find trouble, high jinx, and the return of an evil mastermind--all set in the glitz of Hollywood.

First Line: "It's a tough life, being a middle schooler,
                You have to watch out for yourself.
                Or, in my case, all of your selves. —Fisher bas, Journal

What Others Are Saying: "The heart of the story, however, is what makes this book special, and it resides with Fisher, who struggles mightily with his own sense of self-worth when faced with a mirror image of himself that seems to have it all. A successful balance of fizz and substance. —Kirkus

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About The Author: M.E. Castle

Who: M.E. Castle is a writer and actor working in the glorious center of the universe, New York City. He graduated from Oberlin College in 2008 with a degree in Theatre and has written a number of short stories, only a handful of which have ever been seen by an audience wider than his closest friends. 
Throughout his college years, he was one of the leading writers of the noir detective radio drama The Dead Hear Footsteps, to which he also lent his vocal talents.

What I Thought Of This Series: This hilarious series reminded me of Jimmy Neutron, except it's set in a middle school which makes it even funnier. I love Fisher Bas! His smart wit and cluelessness about girls endeared him to me. The rest of the characters all have their own quirks and foibles. I'm afraid I imagined this as an animated film, rather  than real people, Castle's antics and imagination are over the top, but in a good way. I recommend this to 7-13 year olds, especially boys! If you haven't read this yet, enter to win Cloneward Bound. Even though it's the second in the series, it stands alone. I'm sure after reading it you'll decide you want to read the first, anyway.

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  1. Loved book one and looking forward to reading book two. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I would like my clone to get a day job and work it while I write all the time. ;)

  3. I would like my clone to clean the house.

  4. This looks like a series that would be perfect for my grandson (and ME!). Thanks for running the giveaway.

  5. Yes, I would love a clone to help get more work done!

  6. I bet my 8-year-old would enjoy this!

  7. Thanks so much for introducing me to these books! Cheryl, Hop Hostess

  8. These sound super fun. I could go for a clone most days, for sure. I'm hopping through on the kid lit blog hop. Happy to have found you. I will be entering your giveaway!
    ~Cool Mom/Christine M.
    Tech Support for Stanley & Katrina

  9. I'm pretty sure I'd pick cleaning for my clone. These books sound so fun!

  10. I would like my clone to do all the cleaning and drive me to school on snow days!

  11. Omigosh, only 1 clone! It would dust my house - that is the one thing I really despise doing. Ok, that wouldn't keep it busy enough. It would answer my emails every day and in a timely fashion. Yes, that's it! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  12. Start over as a fresh me clone and do all the wrongs right.


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