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Celebrating Teen Read Week: Dive by Hannah Safren

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Published: April 12th 2013
Genre: YA
Publisher: Write Bloody Publishing
Themes: baseball, friends, family, coping, change
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About The Book: The empowering story of one female athlete's incredible discovery of what it means to truly feel alive. Based on Reba Tutt's heart-wrenching life and fight, Dive details the painful, yet empowering process of healing. The murder of Reba's older sister, Ari, fuels painful flashbacks and unstitches eight years of Reba's healing. With just two months to go before graduation, Reba is consumed by the past, lost in the present and hesitant for the future. With the support of her boyfriend, Pittsburgh basketball player Ronald Ramon, the guidance of her father, and the need to keep her final promise to her mother, Reba learns what it means to accept and persevere through life's many challenges.

First Line: That winter I didn't know if I'd make it.

Quotable Quote: "Surviving is simple. It's nothing more than breathing, moving, eating, and sleeping. Living, however, requires far more than just being alive; it requires feeling alive. It requires a sense of fearlessness and an urge to grow- not just because the days pass, but for a reason, for a purpose." (Chapter 13)

What Other's Are Saying: "I couldn't see the main problem here. Well, yes I know Reba Tutt was trying to move one, but that was just it. I remember couple days ago my lecture said that the main character can't build the story by itself, supporting characters are important. But in this story, the supporting characters had nothing to do with the main topic. So the story is just all about Reba Tutt. In each chapter, Reba brought out a piece of her journals. This is what I liked the most, the journal! There are so many inspiring words on them." Awesome Nerd

Plays for the Pittsburg Panthers
What I Thought: This was a wonderful non-fiction about overcoming obstacles. I loved how Reba used her sports to relieve her stress and give her something to focus on. It would have been easy for her to just give-up and succumb to her sadness. Even though the story is a bit thin on character and plot development, the journal entries are enough to propel this to a great read for teens. Especially, anyone facing adversity. The message: Life is more than just surviving. 

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About The Author: 
Hannah Safren

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I like books with 'journals' in them, and from the reviews, it sounds like this is the best part of the book. Love the cover!


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