Monday, May 19, 2014

MMGM: Orion Poe And The Lost Explorer

About The Book: Eleven-year-old Orion lives with his stodgy grandfather in eastern Maine, where nothing exciting ever happens. But then a series of strange events draws him into the mystery of a lost explorer, and Orion is swept up in a whirlwind of adventure that takes him to the top of the world. To survive he must outwit a scheming treasure hunter, team up with a gang of flimps, and take on a tyrant with an anger management problem. Can Orion solve the mystery and get back home alive? And just what are flimps, anyway?
Orion Poe is about to find out. Join him as he laughs, cries, bluffs, and shoots his way to the heart of one of the greatest mysteries in the history of exploration. Along the way he discovers that the world is far bigger—and stranger—than he ever imagined.

First Line: If you read what Mr. Lumpkin wrote in the newspaper about my adventure at the the top of the world, you only got half the story.

What Others Are Saying: "Orion is a smart, fun-loving boy whose bravery and humor marks him a timeless hero alongside Huckleberry Finn. Recommended for any young reader who loves adventure.
       A wild, imaginative adventure that explores the ends of the world." —Kirkus Reviews

"Summerhouse delivers a rousing story filled with action and tense moments, but Orion's idiosyncratic voice lightens the overall tone." —Publishers Weekly

"The atmosphere created by the author, Will Summerhouse, is current yet the storytelling feels timeless. He has given Orion a clear confident voice, which matches the action that takes place and also adds believability."   —The Children's Book Review (You'll have the opportunity to win a copy at this link.)

Bloggers Weigh In:

What I Thought: Summerhouse begins his adventure by telling us that the official news story about the adventure left out exciting details. The reader immediately wants to know what really happened. I came to enjoy Orion's voice and appreciated learning historical information along the way. This is a non-stop adventure and I recommend it as a wonderful read-aloud and educational opportunity to address geology, oceanography, climatology and meteorology. Summerhouse effectively uses information about Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin's disappearance during his ill-fated expedition in 1847, to create his story.

About The Author: Will Summerhouse

Who: An adventurer himself, Will was born in northern Maine, but has traveled all over the world. He currently resides in Chicago and when he isn't writing adventures he reads them. He is working on a sequel to Orion's first adventure.


  1. This one is right on the top of my TBR pile and I hope to get to it next week. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Wow, what glowing reviews all around! To be compared to Huck Finn is pretty impressive! I'll be sure to check it out when I see it on the shelves. Thank you! :)


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