Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's For Dinner?

About The Book: Feed your family the foods they love—with a healthy twist.
Everyone knows slow cookers are a busy mom’s best friend, but it can be a struggle to find healthy Crock Pot recipes your kids will actually eat. Not anymore.

These delicious family-sized meals are perfect for parents and kids alike. —Goodreads

Slow Cooker Memories: When my children were small I used the slow cooker often, especially on Sunday's. There wasn't much variety in what I used the cooker for, usually  a roast with vegetables. I have to say that there is nothing better than ending a long day with a walk through the door, the wafting rich smell of a hot meal stimulating your senses, your mouth bursting in anticipation. 

What's New:So why another slow cooker cookbook? Many of us are trying to change to healthier lifestyles that include better, cleaner diets. Most of the slow cooker recipes I have are calorie packed meals with more sugar and fat than fit into my new focus on health. Dymock's book is the answer...using a slow cooker doesn't mean you have to sacrifice health.

Why I Love This: Dymock's book is a visual feast of color and dimension. I love that these aren't quinoa, chia seed, laden meals, but real food that kids would eat, (husbands, too). These dishes are for real people that are in a hurry and want to eat healthy. Even the desserts are low sugar. 

Check this out, you'll love it! 

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