Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gettin' My Groove On!

I have clocked 6 miles and it’s only Thursday. I would like to at least get in another 6 by Saturday. The weather in Seattle has been beautiful. We had a few days there where I was concerned I might melt but for the most part we are staying in the comfortable range of the 70’s. Once the temp peaks at over 80 I am ready for an air conditioner and a margarita.

Today I completed one of my books for children. I am very excited about it and am beginning the laborious job of finding a publisher. It is called “My Counting Grandma” and tells the story of a little boy who’s grandmother is always counting things. As the story progresses you begin to see that grandma has a lot more up her sleeve then numbers.

Food wise I have been doing well for the last two weeks planning (yes, mom) menus. I have made some awesome low fat homemade soups with fresh vegetables and a variety of legumes. I am really psyched about finding a new grain or seed called quinoa. It is a gluten free grain that has been classified as one of the best sources of protein. I have mixed it with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, black beans and corn, and garbanzo beans. It has a nutty taste and an interesting texture. Trying to find some red quinoa, anyone find a source here in the Seattle area?

I also started a dream wall. This is my “bucket list” but it is in pictures. Every morning and every night I see these images of things I want to accomplish, see or do. (Of course my husband has his own ideas, but that is another blog) Photos of destinations, writers writing, colorful healthy food, and active bodies all remind me of where I am headed. Goals have never been something that I could relate to, but this visual helps me to see myself accomplishing these things.

If you haven’t noticed I am really enjoying my new life. On Monday, I get to play with gran-kids all day, mmm… what mischief can we get into…

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  1. The health food section of our grocery store has quinoa; it is becoming so popular. I haven't seen just the red, but I did see a box of mixed.


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