Friday, July 2, 2010

Tai What?

Ok, what the heck happened to my body? I was going along minding my own business when all of a sudden I’m 20 pounds over weight and I can’t get out of bed. (Well, I can. It just takes a major effort) Yesterday, I decided to work in the yard and today my arms are screaming at me. Obviously someone or something put something in the water, right? This can’t be me I’m looking at in the mirror, who is that aging mother with flabby arms?

I have a dream of being healthy. If I can lose weight and be more flexible that would be good too. Here are my preliminary goals for the week:

1)      MOVE That’s right kick it up a bit. The other day I was watching my grandchildren run round and round. I thought I can do that. After one trip around the house a twisted ankle and a heavy weight on my chest, I realized that grandma would do better watching all the action. Today I put in the Tai Chi DVD and went through the entire routine. He kept saying things like, hold the chi between your hands, push the chi, feel the chi, when I realized that Chi meant energy it became clear why I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ll keep trying.

2)      EAT   I bet you thought I was going to say stop eating. That I could never do. What I can change about my diet however is what I eat. Yesterday I made salad from Quinoa, cranberries, garbanzo beans, almonds, mint and golden raisins.  Of course my 18 year old son walked in and asked, “What’s that? It looks like barf.” Well, it didn’t look like the prepackaged meals he likes to eat, but I assure you it didn’t taste like barf. Needless to say the kids aren’t taking their meals at home very much anymore.

3)      RELAX  According to experts, Americans are essentially walking around in a daze of sleep depravity, balled up nerves and long lists of to do’s. No wonder my husband is treating people only ten years older then us whose bodies are giving out. (Physical Therapy) Add to that any indulgences like tobacco, alcohol or medication and we are all on the fast train to oblivion. New List: Sleep, breath and burn the lists. (It is Ok to have a bucket list, you don’t want to be completely idle.)

Now, if I am following my own advice, I will be burning this list. (Can I throw in the DVD?)  

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