Thursday, October 14, 2010

WIP Thursday: The Catalyst Synopsis

 So I've been lost in a murky, can't-get-it-up week (out of the gutter, I can't pick up my pen!)  that has the distinct possibility of stretching into two. Only the end left to write; sequence 8 of the 3rd Act, for any "outliners" out there in Blogland. This morning after trudging through my manuscript for the umpteenth time, I grabbed Laurie Anderson's Speak, great book by the way, and headed back to bed. Within six pages I was off in dreamland. (No reflection on the book!)

When I woke up feeling guilty, I went to my computer and decided to update my library hold list. I'm not comfortable if I don't have at least 15 books on hold. I thought I would cruise the recommendations for middle school books, since that is who my story is about. Reading through the synopsis blurbs I realized that I still hadn't boiled my book down to the essential, you-want-to-read-me pitch. Could I do it?

Funny thing on the way to the synopsis, I started having spurts of muse. She was back and I began to feel the energy of my idea cough, sputter and rev-up again. Damn, I feel so good I might even do a sit-up or two. (Well... maybe,  no commitment on that.)

Here are a few helpful links on writing one:
Elana Johnson Young Adult Author
Nathan Bransford: Literary Agent
Takeshita Demons: Cristy Burne
Dark Angel Fiction Writing
Saavy Authors
Kathy Temean

Have you found a link you would like to share? Do you Like or Dislike Synopses?


  1. The photograph accompanying the post captures the atmosphere of the piece so well.

  2. Great post! I hate synopses. And they hate me right back. I don't think it's a skill I'll ever master... though I try.


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