Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Confessions Of A Nanoholic

My name is Pam Torres and I am a Nanoholic.  You may be asking what is a Nanoholic? I define it as a newbie writer who jumps into Nanowrimo with both feet and comes out obsessed with numbers, watching stats and counting words.  Alcohol is to an alcoholic like gasoline is to a fire, it only feeds the addiction.  A Nanoholic is focused on numbers, how many days left to finish, how fast is fast enough, stares blankly at the screen, checks the stats again, how many words should have been written by now, how many words left to write, ...You get the picture.

I have an occasional drink, my favorite being the Outback's Wallaby Darned, more fruit than tequila. (I could really use one right now!)  I don't think I have ever had enough to get "drunk" and really don't have a desire to. I know however, that for an alcoholic one drink can be the beginning of a downward spiral.

This is what Nano was to me, a downward spiral into numbers, I just couldn't stop obsessing about my word count long enough to get lost in my writing. Getting lost is a necessary part of my process. So, I will be dropping from the official world of Nanowrimo so I can get back to my writing.

I have great respect for those who are able to use this tool in a healthy way and wish them all the best!

Does any of this make sense? I can't be the only Nanoholic out there ...right?

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  1. It totally makes sense. I think balance is important. Elusive for people like me, but important.


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