Monday, February 14, 2011

Shakin' It Up A Bit

    Okay, so I have the blogging thing down, kinda. I post, you comment, we all feel better. There is just one problem. I'm using too much time to cruise other blogs and writing my posts. Unfortunately, unlike some of you great bloggers, (um..Elana), I am not that tech saavy nor as super human. So, this is my solution and I hope that you all will understand.

     My blogging will be held to once a week. I will aim for Monday but if it doesn't get posted until Wednesday, don't panic. If you're following on networked blogs or blogspot you will know when I have posted something new.

     I know that I take the risk of losing some of you great followers, but this is the deal. I'm still trying to figure out this whole not-being-a-mom deal. I have been a mom since I was 19 and I'm not sure I can be an adult without children. So I'm afraid I am going to have to become a little self absorbed while I work on this discovery thing. 

Here is my new posting schedule:

  First Week: Update. I'll let you know how I'm fairing in discovering my adult self.

  Second Week:  Book Reviews focusing on Middle Grade.

  Third Week:  Writing Update. Where I'm at in my process, something cool I learned, etc.

  Fourth Week: Just For Adults. This is where I will let you in on fun stuff my hubby and I have done, great restaurants, movies, site seeing... (G-rated...where are your minds.) We have always had children so this is the first time that we will actually be just "a couple".


  1. Now that being very organized.

  2. Sounds like a great approach, and I'll look forward to all four weeks, but perhaps especially the MG book reviews.


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