Monday, April 25, 2011

Unlikely Events Game

    As a writer the goal is to tell an interesting story with ample conflict and complex characters. Sometimes a fun way to explore a story or plot idea is to exaggerate events, actions or character traits. As a kid I used to play a game whenever I was stuck waiting for something to alleviate my boredom. It is a game that I haven't ever really given up. I play it sitting at an intersection, waiting in a doctors office and sometimes use it to work on my writing.  
So here is how it works:

1- You're sitting at an intersection. Think of something that is unlikely to happen.

The man in the car in front of you steps out of his car and knocks on the car window of the car in front of him. They seem to be arguing and then the light turns green. What happens next?

2- You're sitting in the school parking lot waiting for your children to come out. Think of something that is unlikely to happen. 

After several minutes a loud bell goes off. People start running in all directions and then I see it. A large round cucumber is landing in the center of the playground. What happens next?

Get it? The idea is to think of something that is unlikely to happen and think of a story to go with it. Silly? Yes. Fun? Definitely! 

Do you play something similar? How does your game work?


  1. I love it! (especially the cucumber part)

    When with my daughter, we make up stories. One persons starts with a sentence and the next person adds to it. We take turns adding sentences until we find an ending.

    Other times I sing songs in my head. I love music and have lots of lyrics and tunes stuck in there. Imagine if I got rid of them-- I might finally have enough room in my brain for important stuff!

  2. I don't do this, but I should. I would be foolish not to after reading this! I love this post, especially the cucumber. This IS a great and wonderful way, a variation on What If, to spark one's writing brain. Thank you!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  3. This would be a lot of fun! Another kind of writing prompt.

  4. This is my What If scenario for writing :) husband is tired of my insane weirdness and absolutely wild flights of imagination, but I love it!


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