Monday, May 2, 2011

The Writing Mind

So here I am at the beginning of a new month, the A-Z challenge behind me and the question is: What can I post that will interest you, the readers?  I figure that's the least I can do since you have so graciously decided to take a chance and follow my blog.

My idea: Explore the relationship of writing to the mind. 

Why?    Even if you're not a writer in pursuit of publication, the idea that writing can have a significant impact on our brains should be of interest.  None of us are getting any younger and the word on the street is if we don't use our brains we'll lose them. I don't know about you but I'm pretty attached to mine and plan on using it for at least another 50 years. 

Today, I'd like to open the discussion with a question. 

     How many of you have prepared to go to bed, all your night time rituals complete, ready for a relaxing, rejuvenating night in dreamland, only to find yourself tossing and turning because your mind is wildly thinking about everything and everyone? 

Common problem right? So what do you do?

     I have a notebook close to my bed or in the bathroom where I go and write every thought that's marching through my brain.
The result? I can usually go to sleep. What is up with that?
      Simple anxiety. Well, not exactly simple. This anxiety has alerted your nervous system which has then sent messages to your adrenal glands  and that basically puts your entire body into overdrive. What sucks is you can tell yourself over and over again that you will take care of it tomorrow or try breathing and relaxing but your mind just keeps racing.

     Now when you put it like that, it's actually kind of cool to think our thoughts can control our nervous system and in turn our ability to function. The even cooler part is that by physically writing out these thoughts and ideas our mind is lulled into thinking we have delegated these tasks or worries elsewhere. Our brain has essentially emptied itself upon the page. 

Do you have a way to quiet a busy brain?


  1. I definitely have those moments. I use to have a notebook by my bed, but sometimes I got too tired to turn on the light and all, so I have the notes app on my Blackberry. It's easier for me. When I can't sleep cos of so many thoughts, I get up and meditate/spend some time with God. I'm usually ok after that.

  2. Boy, I'll have to give this a try. After writing most of the day, I quiet my brain by watching an hour of TV before bed. Sad, but true.

  3. I read a book or work on crosswords every night when I go to bed. My brain is too busy to think of problems! I'm usually asleep in half an hour.


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