Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Thursday Three Plus One

I'm impressed with blogs that I keep stumbling upon and thought I would spotlight some of them so you can be impressed, too. Each week I choose three new blogs (by new I mean those that have started in the last year) that I think have a unique take on something, make me laugh or are just plain awesome. I will also highlight what I will call the "oldie but goody" of the week. This will be a blog that continues to deliver when it comes to content, always fresh, interesting or the my-week-isn't-complete-unless-I-stop-there blog.

Feel free to tell me about a new blog you've found or one that you just can't live without. Cyberspace is so vast and I don't want to miss anything!

Life Lines by Carmen Myrtis-Garcia

      If you're looking for a pick-me-up or just love to begin your day with a dose of positive energy Carmen's blog is the place to go. Ok, brace yourself because I'm going to wax philosophical for a moment. It has always been my belief that if you aren't adding light to this world you are taking it. The truth is everyday we have a choice to bring positive energy to those around us or bring them down with the negative. Carmen is gifting positive energy with every post. Talk about an awesome blog give-away!

My Brain on Books by Joanna Fritz

      Joanna's blog began in 2009, just over my cut-off for being a new blog, but since her followers number less than 200, she qualifies. (This is my game and I can play it how I want.) How's that for middle grade angst? Anyway, I love her book choices and look forward each week to her MMGM (Marvelous Middle Grade Monday). Check out gems of the week and quick picks to fill out your TBR list, guaranteed to be good. Don't miss her post detailing her visit to Prince Edward and Green Gables. She consistently reminds us that children's books are everywhere.

120socks by Writer Based in Dublin

       This blog intrigued me because I love socks. No, seriously. I wish I'd invented them. There are so many cool socks out there, toe socks, slipper socks, thigh socks, booty when I saw the title of this blog I had to check it out. While I still don't get the socks part, Writer Based in Dublin has some interesting content. Most recently an awesome poem about a Panther, guest post about a sea-foam-green toilet and the monthly Savage Chicken's comic. This months was rockin' funny!

And now for the oldie-but-goody:

Welcome to my Tweendom by Stacy Dillon

        I believe that some of the most knowledgeable people on what kids are reading are our librarians. They are the ones in the trenches every day encouraging reluctant readers, inspiring kid writers and they always have a good recommendation. Stacy specializes in the Tween world of reading. Her recommendations are always interesting and I especially love her blasts from the past. Check it out!

Drifted into any hot new blogs lately?


  1. I really enjoy Joanna's blog too. Thanks for the other links.

  2. Very interesting reads. I'm an author of elementary and middle school mystery books. Please return the follow if you would like and check out my books at
    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  3. Pam, I am so very honored that you spotlighted my blog! What a wonderful surprise. And thank you so much for the encouraging comments. It helps to know that my writing, thoughts, and actions are sending positive energy and light into the world. Thank you again.


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