Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Thursday Three Plus The You've Still Got It, Baby Blog of The Week

The blogs I'm spotlighting today are often random in what they post but that's why I like them. Sometimes I just want a break from how to's and writers angst.  Some are writers some aren't.  When I'm looking for a break from the hard work of writing I find these refreshing.

Daily Dodo by Laura
     Laura comes to us from the UK and brings a unique flavor of humor to all of her posts. You can find posts that will tickle your funny bone, ones that will make you think and posts with made up words. She often shares her writing progress and is planning to do Nanowrimo. One of my personal favorites is her brief references to "himself" her significant other. (Reminds me of Shannon Messengers "The hubs"). I really related to her post called, "The Little Thing About Yourself You Lost". I'm always amazed at how universal some of our experiences are.

Creepy Query Girl by Former Married Women with Three Children
       At least she was married until she finished her first manuscript in 2009 when she evolved into the Creepy Query Girl. (It's unclear if her Creepy alter-ego is compatible with her married identity ;) She blogs from her home in France. She admits to doing everything but stalking agents. She can be counted on for great posts on just about anything. Some of my favorites are No Panic Attacks While Writing, Everything You Never Wanted To Know and today's A Ghost Story.

David Powers King by David Powers King
      Here is a great site for all you science fiction junkies out there. David writes science fiction with a soft spot for fantasy, paranormal and zombies. He wrote his first novel at age 15. He is always highlighting great authors and also moderates InkPageant blogging site where writers can post about writing. He's really good at promoting his peers so it's a good place to go to stay on top of what's new in science fiction. David comes to us from Utah.

In a blogging world dominated by young 20-30yr. olds, this weeks plus one features what I like to call the "You've Still Got It, Baby". 

Empty Nest Insider by Julie Kemp Pick
   Julie has taken her experience of years working on a magazine and applied those skills to the content of her blog. She can be counted on to deliver interesting and unique stories that are written well and are always entertaining. One of my favorite was when she researched what happened to the "intimate shaver" that caused an automobile accident in Florida and had her ex-husband take the blame. Yeah, it's worth the read. Julie comes to us from the windy city, Chicago. She also features original poetry and everyday incidents told in creative ways and new perspectives. I love this one!!

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