Friday, June 15, 2012

Furry Friday: A Pet Blog You Shouldn't Miss!

It's rare to find a blog as chockfull of great information as this one. From product reviews to events this blog doesn't miss anything. 

Here is a sampling of Arden Moore's most recent post. Be sure to click on over and say hello! This is a pet resource you and your pet shouldn't live without!

Four Legged Life with Arden Moore

How Many Surf Dogs Can You Count On This Surfboard?

Dale Porter (KillerImage) ranks as one of the best action photographers in my opinion. Here are a couple of his photos taken today in Del Mar dog beach during the So Cal Surf Dogs practice session with famous surfer Scott Chandler. We are attempting to set a world record by having the highest number of dogs sharing one giant surfboard.

Head on over to the blog for the rest of the story!
Towel Wrap Your Cat in 5 Easy Scratch-Free Steps
Here’s Arden Moore’s latest post on — be sure to visit Vetstreet for other tips and pet stories.
When you need to trim your feline’s nails or give her medication, there’s a common household item that can make the procedure go much more smoothly — a large bath towel.
“Wrapping your cat in a towel is a great way to protect yourself from claws,” says Dr. Sophia Yin, a veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist. “Towel wrapping also prevents escapes, and helps calm down a cat.”
Toweling can also benefit cats who tend to be anxious, fearful or aggressive when handled, adds Dr. Yin, author of Low Stress: Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modifications of Dogs and Cats.
“Cats can be more difficult than dogs to restrain for several reasons,” says Dr. Yin. “In general, cats receive less socialization and handling than dogs, and their evolutionary history as a prey species can also cause them to feel more vulnerable when restrained. And cats can easily reach around to grab, bite or scratch you.”
So head on over to Four Legged Life and find more valuable content that every pet owner should see!

Do you know a pet blog that I should be highlighting?

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