Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Seratto

Saturday morning we went to the Portland Farmers Market, not to be missed on a trip to Portland. We feasted on brilliant colors, rich earthy aromas and the sound of people having a great time.
We made some great discoveries, artichoke flowers (Who knew?),

tables of fungi in varied colors and sizes and a yummy breakfast biscuit that was the perfect companion to a crepe with fruit compote.

That evening we had an exceptional dinner at the Serratto Restaurant and Bar, The Serratto serves Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisine. Our first dish was their French onion soup in small cup covered with Gruy√®re cheese and the traditional toasted crouton,  followed by a light salad of organic baby greens, candied walnuts, and red wine vinaigrette. (This was not the usual 5 walnuts, I had one in every bite!) I added the Gorgonzola cheese to top mine off. Fresh French bread accompanied the entire meal.
We each chose a different entrees. Andy had the Antelope on a bed of Risotto which had a rich glaze and plated with Swiss chard, broccoli and potatoes.  I had the Roasted Asparagus with fried polenta, summer squash, Manchego, almonds, heirloom carrots, romesco. All their ingredients come from local growers.

We shared the Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cobbler served warm with house-made vanilla bean gelato. It was so good, could have used some more gelato, but who's complaining.

It was a wonderfully romantic and delicious anniversary dinner. Soft lighting and gentle music made this an experience we would definitely repeat in another visit and highly recommend to others visiting the Portland area.

Have you been to Portland? What was one of your great finds?


  1. OH yummy!!! Great pictures and great finds. I've never been to Portland but now I want to go!

  2. Antelope, huh? Wow that dessert looks and sounds DIVINE!

  3. I can't believe your 50...don't look it. How's my niece doing? I got your blog from your mom's e-mail. Hope you and your family are doing well. Sounds like you had a fun time in Portland..good for you. Do you still live in Washington? How are your children? It's a shame our families are so far a part that they don't get to know their own relatives. I talk with Sid occasionally and Andy calls once in a while.
    Love Aunt Brenda


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