Friday, October 29, 2010

WIP Thursday: I know, I know, It's Friday...

     I just sat down to write this and *hic* got the hiccups. *hic* And no I haven't been drinking. *hic* Ok, this is getting an*hic*noying.  While I haven't been drinking, I have been a bit frustrated.  I took Elana's advice (check out Marieke's Musings and Operation Awesome) about writing your query letter while you are in the middle of writing your novel. What did I find out? That my last 20,000 words are mostly back story and the real story is what happens next.

The exciting part is that the "edge" I was looking for presented itself and the murky waters of my muse have cleared. Did the last few months of work mean nothing? How do I let go of something I have put so much blood and sweat into? 

First question: No, this wasn't a waste but a necessary process for me. I can accept that. It did get me to the real story, and besides, now I totally get why my MC wants what she wants. That's good, right?

Second question: Letting go is hard to do *tacky music plays* This is probably one of the most difficult things a writer does, slaying your babies for the sake of the story. The bottom line is, you can have the greatest turn of phrase, the most awesome character development, a really twisty plot but if no one is interested to turn the page and read on, what's the point.

So, I will keep my 20,000 words on the computer for reference. Then I will build a fire out back and burn those pages as a sacrifice for the better story.  I won't lie, it hurts.  It also means I am not as close to a finished novel as I thought. I have always told my children it is more about the process than the results, so I guess I will take my own advice and see that experience for what it was, a honing of my talent as a writer.

Excuse me, I think I need to go have a good cry...and no Honey, you can't fix this.
       Maybe I will have that drink, now.
Have you slayed any babies, lately?


  1. It's always a lot easier giving the advice than taking it yourself. I've never 'on purpose' deleted 20k words...however.. I once had my flash drive fry and I lost all 20k+ words of my WIP. It was traumatizing. But in the end, I realized those words weren't the best they could be and I totally remade the story and it was better than the first. Sometimes the pain is worth it in the end.

  2. Way to go you! Sometimes, you have to just step back and see your story for what it is... I'm still in first draft and haven't done a query or anything yet....

  3. I am on the way to slaying my babies- but because I don't want to do it, I keep putting it off.


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