Monday, October 25, 2010

Heron Haus: The Room

The first thing we noticed about our room was the fresh scent laced with a hint of lavender. After that it was one wonderful discovery after another. The contemporary decor had clean lines and soothing color choices.  The bed was topped with soft sheets and blankets, a treat for the senses, with plenty of pillows. We thought that it might be too soft for us but after one night of relaxing sleep we looked forward to our next one.

A walk in closet provided ample storage of luggage and clothing, maintaining a clutter free respite from the world. There was a sink, mirrors and more shelf space in  the dressing room off the bedroom.

 The highlight of the Kulia room is the large raised jacuzzi and toasty warm fireplace. After a long day of walking around Portland, slipping into the relaxing jetted water was heaven. There is also a  personal shower and toilet.

This redeeming feature alone made our room worth coming home to at night. The only thing missing was a decent sized television instead of the miniature VCR 15 inch. It would have been nice to have the option of watching a DVD on the night we chose to stay in.
The Heron Haus has several other rooms that all have fireplaces, some with better views of Mt Hood, but this is the only one with the Jacuzzi.

Next Review: The Seratto Restaurant and Bar


  1. What a gorgeous room! It looks so relaxing.

  2. Gooorgeous, that'd have to come very close to outweighing the drawbacks of the breakfast. Or, to be more accurate, "breakfast".


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