Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Favorite B Words

      I love words as does any writer. However, I have some words that are my absolute favorites, either because of how they sound when I say them, the feeling or picture they produce, or what they intuitively mean to me. 

     Today I thought I would share my three most favorite B words. These three words pretty much govern my philosophy of life. They provide a paradigm that I live by. Interestingly, I think they also apply to the writing life.

      Believe  A belief in yourself, a belief in the benevolence of others, and a belief that there is something larger than all of us. I'm not sure the specifics of what that is is as important as the belief that we are part of something greater, part of a power that governs the universe in which all living things play a vital role.

      Balance  Living and growing is a chaotic process. When we are in balance we see things clearer and make better choices. Our daily choices of how we spend our time are rarely between good and bad. They are about balancing our precious time between our families, our work and ourselves.

     Be     This is the hardest of the three. This is the word that tells us to slow down, stop and listen. To be is about learning to accept ourselves. Being allows us to stop the treadmill in order to hear our better self and appreciate who we are. It is about enjoying the moment. Being present in our lives.  

What are your favorite words?


  1. Good words!
    Right now my favorite B word is bloging. And Byron, the name of my main character. (In the middle of revising the sequel to my book, so it's really on my brain.)

  2. My favorite words are, "I love your manuscript!"

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you found me too! This was a great post! I have many words that I love and I really like your idea of posting about them. I think I'm going to do that too! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Words that are just fun to say, not that have any grand meaning. Pump, crank, silk, supercalafragilisticexpialadocious (which I'm sure I spelled wrong).

  5. Balance is the hardest one for me. Juggling the "must-do's" with writing (which looks like a "someday" to everyone else) is a tight-wire act.


  6. Thank you for your visit and your follow. I like your blog, very inspirational.
    My word is dream. I dream that I will someday get a children's book published.
    Have a great day.

  7. I think my favorite words are dream it, wish it, believe it, do it. I have them on magnets in a place where they can inspire me every day. Although my critique partners would probably argue that "just" is my favorite word. I use it too much in my writing!!


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