Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Really Do Want To Do Some Things This Year...

OK, so after yesterday's post you probably all think I am the resolution/ goal scrooge. (You're probably right!) If you knew me 15 years ago you would understand.  I was a young mother with five children, trying to make a difficult marriage work, and an endless list of should and shouldn't do's.  So I'm a bit soured on the whole lets go conquer the world mentality.  Short story...life is way to hard without having people, God, or anybody looking over your shoulder and second guessing yourself. 

That said, I do have several things I plan to add to my writing life.  They say if you share them with someone you're more inclined to actually make the changes. (Oh, here it comes...OMG... *stomach churns* could I be committing to something...no, no...just breathe.) I'm pretty new to this writing life, so be gentle.

Stuff That Would Be Really Cool In 2011... (OK,  so I like lots of sugar with my medicine.)

1) Complete rewrites on my middle school novel.
2) Join a writer's group.
2) Find some awesome beta readers to critique my work.
3) Attend my first writer's conference.
4) Start work on my next middle school novel.
5) Write 3-5 blog posts a week.
6) Work with reluctant readers and coach kid's writing.

What cool stuff do you want to do? Any suggestions on how I can succeed in having a cool 2011?

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  1. That's a perfectly good list, I think. And no pressure, if you don't finish everything, you've got a head start on your list for next year (see, you are ahead even if you fall behind... it's all how you look at it.) :)

    My list includes more silly, less directed, writing activities... like reading more poetry, falling in love with other people's words, playing with writing without a publishing goal. I already write a lot and query. My un-goal is to bring more of the fun in while marketing my novels.


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